Andrew Dengate – Wise words for Gameweek 4

September 11, 2014 8:25 am

Hello Ladies,

Can we talk about the World Cup, can we go back to when I was hammering 70+ points a Game Round, can we talk about James Rodriguez … do we have to talk about how badly I’m doing in the Premier League. I think even Carlton Cole has more points than me !!

Most of you know me, most of you know I’m not very good at this game … for those that don’t know me, I’m Andy Dengate, in my 5th (I think) season of FiT. Someone once broke into my trophy cabinet … and pinched my carpet !!

I would talk a bit about the Champions League that’s kicking off next week but I don’t know my Bender from my Totti … so I’ll stick to pretending to know about what I’m talking about, what are we talking about??

I also play the Rich List game – half the time it takes priority over actually getting high scoring points. This won’t make a lot of sense to a lot of people, if you still don’t understand the whole concept, comment below & I’ll answer any questions you have to ask.

Back to the Premier League… our first game sees Arsenal v City. The past 2 seasons I have loved Yaya Toure, he disappointed me in the World Cup & he will be leaving my iTeam this week after scoring me 6 points so far. I can’t call which way this will go, I hope Welbeck silences his haters after scoring twice for England & I hope Toure bags a hat-trick for my iTeam. City play last next week against Chelsea, so I would transfer their players out after they have played.

I’m going to watch Carrick Rangers v my new home town Lisburn Distillery while these next matches are being played, they are in the championship (second division) and probably the equivalent to a good Sunday league team lol … I’ll let you know the result !!

Chelsea play Swansea in our first 3pm KO. Chelsea are a nightmare to pick players for in advance, I’m told Costa is FiT but with there new signing Remy waiting to play they may rest him. Didn’t Swansea have a really good midfielder that scored most weeks, Spanish I think, but his name slips my mind … they are playing there usual football, midfielders scoring well, keeping clean sheets … Gylfi should be in everyone’s iTeam if he isn’t already, a bargain at £6.5 mil.

Crystal Palace v Burnley is next. I gotta be honest, I don’t know much about either team, just that Puncheon pops up often. Burnley kept a clean sheet against Manchester United last Game Week but haven’t won a match yet … they do have a nice colour kit though. Interesting fact, my primary school girlfriend was a Palace fan & one season when I was about 14, I was on Sky Telly in a crowd shot against them … you’re right, neither were interesting.

Southampton against Newcastle, Soton have won one, drew one & lost one, the mass clear out doesn’t seem to be affecting their form & they will be hoping to get another 3 points here. Newcastle have lost one & drew two, just clinching a point against Palace last Game Week.

Stoke v Leicester … I’ve come to the conclusion this is a really boring Game Week. I’m hoping to get my promotion at work next week & I found Willy Wonker Gobstoppers in the pound shop, bonus.

Sunderland v Tottenham, so anyone get stuck with Davies at the start of the season, yeah me too, £5.5 for a spurs defender, what a bargain. Talking of bargains, anyone have Dier at the start of the season, nah me neither!! You would think Spurs would take 3 points here, but I’d still rather Carlton Cole than Adebayor

Can I have a badge??

WBA v Everton Baird, McAuley & Brunt all did Northern Ireland proud last weekend beating Hungary 2-1 … Everton not so good against Chelsea. This Game Week should see an Everton win. There’s a few players I keep looking at the likes of Coleman, Naismith & I just love Tim Howard.

Then we have Liverpool v Aston Villa as out 5pm KO & I think my bonus h2h knows something the rest of us don’t with 3 villa players in his line up. I have Balotelli, thought outside the box & put him as captain … didn’t pay off. This week I can see a lot of Pool goals from Sturridge, Balotelli & Sterling, also Lallana has lost his doubt symbol and may start.

Our only Sunday fixture is Manchester United v QPR which gets Andy Dengate’s ‘Fixture Of The Weeeeeeeek’. Looking to see how the new players play, are you signing Falcao or going for either Rooney or RVP?? Di Maria was very popular last Game Week, or after their poor form, maybe you’re looking at Austin for QPR… would love to see Rio put the ball in the back of the net !!

Last game of the Game Week is Hull City verses the Mighty Super Amazing West Ham United on the Monday Night. West Ham have lost two & won one, it’s not the best start from the hammers, who I thought this season could be a nice mid table team, but it looks like our usual dog fight. Hull have won two lost one & made some good last minute signings, clinching Ben Arfa from Newcastle.

I think finishing these are harder than starting them … my one piece of FiT advice that never seems to fail – if in doubt, do whatever Sir James Dash does !!

Andy Dengate

Your FiT Coach

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