At last, FiT 13/14 kicks-off!

August 16, 2013 10:36 am

Thank God the break is over! It’s been a hard slog waiting for the season to start. It makes you realize just how good this app is. Anyway, we are here now and are all trying to find the best balance for our teams. How do you pick a good team? Below are 5 tips that may sound obvious, but I try and follow them when picking a team:

  1. Always have a good keeper.

  2. Pick defenders who always play for their club and have relatively easy games coming up in the next few weeks.

  3. Never put defensive midfielders in your team, even if they play every week.

  4. Study what order the games are being played in each week. Have a rough idea who to transfer in/out. Take into account when teams play the following week, otherwise you may not have the best team at the start of that week.

  5. Go with your gut instinct.

The great thing about this app is the social side of it. Once you have picked your team or teams, enter a mini league and get involved in the forum. If you love football, where better to exchange views and opinions with like-minded people? There are loads of good mini-leagues out there, just look in the mini-league menu.

Right, now you’ve got a team and you’re in a mini league, create some more. The more teams you have, the greater chance you have of winning something. It’s also far more fun with more teams.

So looking to this weekend’s fixtures:-

Liverpool v Stoke.

Big win for Liverpool. Players to watch include Mignolet, Johnson, Gerrard, Coutinho and Sturridge. Stoke are pants!

Arsenal v Villa.

Close game but a narrow Arsenal win. As Villa play twice this week Benteke is a must. Arsenal have a few easy games during August so their keeper and defenders are good shouts. Walcott and Cazorla are always going to start in mid-field and should score points. Up front Giroud may be a good idea, but he is very inconsistent.

Norwich v Everton

Draw. Norwich haven’t got a tough start so it’s worth including Snodgrass in a few of your teams. He gets lots of assists. As for Everton 3 players stand out, Baines, Fellaini and Mirallas. Mirallas has been on fire in pre-season and is cheap.

Sunderland v Fulham

Boring Draw. Sessegnon will have a good season!!!! Last year was a blip. I think Fulham will get relegated.

West Brom v Southampton

Exciting draw. Anelka has already scored 7 goals during pre-season. He is cheap and should play every week. Lambert had a great year last season and will score goals again this time out. It’s worth looking at West Brom defenders. They are cheap and I think they will keep plenty of clean sheets this year.

West Ham v Cardiff

Last year I said avoid West Ham players! Andy Dengate I apologize. West Ham will have a good season with plenty of clean sheets this year! Huge Hammers win! Not sure what to think about Cardiff. Probably best to wait a few weeks before considering their players.

Swansea v Man Utd

Draw. Swansea had a fantastic season last year and have make a few good signings in the last few months. Michu and their new striker Bony will always score and get you points. As for Utd, it’s all about RVP. We already know he will be the highest points scorer again this season! They won’t concede many, but the back 4 will get rotated a fair bit with the exception of Evra.

Crystal Palace v Spurs

Spurs win. Avoid Palace players!!! As for Spurs, always have Bale if he’s playing (which is unlikely as he seems to be on his way). Lennon and the Chadli should play every week and get good points. Soldado their new striker is a class player and is one to watch.

Chelsea v Hull City

Big Chelsea win. I personally think Chelsea will win the league. But Mourinho will rotate a huge amount. Cech and Cole are the only safe defensive options. Hazard and Mata should play most of the time but that’s about it. If they do sign Rooney he will be a sure thing in my team. Avoid Hull players.

Man City v Newcastle

City win. Hart will probably be the highest scoring keeper this season and will start every week. Rotation is a problem with City so perhaps wait a few week to see how Pellegrini sets his team out before deciding on their players. As for Newcastle players, Sissoko, Cabaye, Ben Arfa and Cisse are the only real options. Wait until next week though as they won’t get many points this week.

Chelsea v Villa

Chelsea win. Never have Torres in your team.

I hope this helps with your team selections. To score more points each week, it goes without saying that you should always use your emergency transfer and try to play as many head-to-heads as you can. This way you will hopefully increase the value of your team and be able to buy more expensive players in further weeks.

Remember that the season effectively starts at 12:35pm on Saturday (10 minutes before the Liverpool v Stoke game), so you can make as many changes to your teams before this time as you like, without using the all-important transfers.

Finally thank you FiT for last year’s amazing prize. I can’t wait to go to Brazil next year. Beats watching it down the local pub getting covered in beer.

Yours in football

The Dashman

This post was written by FiT Admin