Ben’s Bargains – £75m Well Spent!

March 20, 2014 3:18 pm

Gameweek 31, quite possibly the most exciting and potentially frustrating GW this season. Now unfortunately I can’t give you a huge list of players to bring in, because if you have not started preparing by now, your Gameweek 31 could be a poor one!

All is not lost however! Unlike some double game weeks there is still chance to buy ‘DGW’ (double gameweek) players during the actual game week. We can either sell Chelsea players for: Liverpool, Everton, Swansea, Hull, Man City, Newcastle, Sunderland. In addition, we can also sell players from the 3 o’clock game to buy Man United or West Ham players, who both play twice also. It’s also worth noting that Man Utd also play first in Gameweek 32. In fact by this stage Arsenal are the only team that are no longer accessible.

So with that in mind I have decided I would compile the best 11 I can come up with for just 75 million, as this may also be useful for those of you planning to make new teams.

McGregor – not been in the best form but is very cheap and has good fixtures in the DGW and beyond.

Davies – I’ve gone with another Hull defender to free up funds for the anticipated striker dilemma later and as with McGregor, he has good fixtures.

Demichelis – Okay, so I know your laughing at me at this point and I can’t blame you, but with Kompany suspended this guy will play, and bad or not it’s the clean sheets that count for FiT points!

Coleman – Scores, assists and has good fixtures, simple as that.

Clichy/Kolarov – Could be risking it here as they could be rotated. But they are both quite cheap for a top team and both get forward a lot.

Sissoko – This guy is certainly getting forward more and more now and has a fantastic price tag.

Januzaj – Scores some good FiT points and with RvP back, may get more assists. He also plays 1st in Gameweek 32.

Sterling – This guy has scored an average of 6 FiT points over his last 5 games, which is quite tidy indeed. Liverpool seem to be scoring more and more every game, so this guy should get a few points over his two games.

Mirallas – Ok so this perhaps is a bit risky with him not starting every game, so he could be subject to rotation. But after a quiet period lately and Lukaku back I expect Everton’s goal tally to climb.

SAS – These rather cheap players have also allowed me to go for these two. Don’t think I really need to justify this one..

And all that for just – 74.4m

Attacking dilemma – So for those who don’t see it as clear cut as SaS, I have made a clear cut list that quite simply goes by name – goals, assists, total.

Hopefully this should help when deciding who you want to put your hopes in for this important GW. But don’t forget some may be injured or not have a DGW, but whether that counts for anything you decide.

Luis Suarez Liverpool – 24 12 36 
Daniel Sturridge Liverpool – 18 5 23 

Wayne Rooney Man U – 11 10 21

Sergio Aguero Man C – 15 5 20 
Olivier Giroud Arsenal – 12 7 19 

Eden Hazard Chelsea – 13 5 18 

Yaya Toure Man C – 13 4 17 
Steven Gerrard Liverpool – 8 9 17 

Loic Remy Newcastle – 13 2 15

Romelu Lukaku Everton – 10 5 15

Now if you are still reading by this point well done; have a pat on the back.

You may be wondering when I am going to mention captains, and as appealing as it was to put it in I’m not, it would take a braver person than me to call it this week, so I’m leaving myself well and truly out of this one. But all I will say is it is probably wise to go for DGW players such as S or S, Lukaku or even Dzeko? Instead to end with I will leave you with a few useful stats that might help your decisions this week end.
Current Win Sequence 5 games: Liverpool

Current Unbeaten Sequence 10 games: Liverpool

Current Winless Sequence 4 games: Swansea City, Crystal Palace

Most Goals Scored – 76 Liverpool

Highest Goals Scored Average – 2.63 Manchester City

Fewest Goals Conceded – 23 Chelsea

Fewest Goals Conceded Average – 0.77 Chelsea

Highest Goal Difference – 44 Manchester City

Fewest Goals Scored -19 Crystal Palace

Most Goals Conceded -65 Fulham

Most Clean Sheets -13 Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham United

Fewest Games Failed to Score -2 Liverpool

Fewest Clean Sheets -4 Fulham

Most Games Failed to Score -16 Cardiff City

Oh and don’t forget the latest key injuries-
Lovren – doubt
Remy – 5th April
Aguero – 29th march
Dawson – 30th match
Shelvey/dyer and Barry – back this Gameweek

Good luck this GW!
Yours FiTfully BH

This post was written by FiT Admin