Champions League GR4

November 4, 2013 10:52 am

Can Ibrahimovic upstage Ronnie and Messi again?

There were some serious points scored in GR3. We all thought PSG would walk it. We didn’t think it would be so easy for them though. Ibra didn’t just score 4 goals, he scored 4 great goals. If you captained him you must have been well chuffed, nicely done. After being dumped by thousands of managers after he missed that penalty in GR1, the opposite is happening now. If PSG can do that to Anderlecht away from home, what can they do as hosts?

The likes of Robben, Ribery and Bayern defenders, were the other obvious transfer targets in GR3. They didn’t disappoint. 14 points for Ribery, 11 for Robben, 14 for Alaba and 7 for the rest of the defenders. What a team they have… Gotze only played for about 30 minutes and finished the game with 10 points.

Ronaldo wasn’t exactly at his worst. He still managed to score 2 goals and now has an incredible 7 goals in just 3 Champions League matches. Messi might not have flattered but he didn’t disappoint. He returned from injury and scored Barcelona’s only goal of the game. Surely they are both more than viable captain choices this round…

Bayern and PSG have the easiest fixtures again in GR4. They do play on Tuesday however. Transfers should ideally be used to bring in players for the Wednesday games. Atletico, Barcelona, Chelsea and Napoli players look like good shouts. As usual we will provide all team line-ups about an hour before kick off. Keep an eye on the Twitter tab in the ‘Newsfeed’

As I write this there aren’t many ‘major’ injury worries. We update the player database as often as possible. Look out for the ? (doubt) and the injured symbols next to the players names. It will be fully updated on Monday, after the weekend injury news filters through.

If you haven’t created your free Champions League iTeam yet, it’s never too late. With lots of gameround prizes still to give away, it’s definitely worth doing.

Good luck in GR4 everyone

This post was written by FiT Admin