CL Credit Competition Winners: Gameround 4

November 7, 2013 2:12 pm

The Champions League GR4 credit comps are over and Faiyaz Koor has won them both. Not content with winning the overall prize for GR4, Faiyaz had to have all our credits as well. Winning both has given him over 6,500 credits to re-invest. Very well played.

Ton Rc, Samuel Han, King Jon, Sarah White, Matt Parsons and Jamie Smallwood, all profited from this weeks competitions. Well done to all the winners.

We have 3 weeks to wait until GR5 starts. You can enter the GR5 Credit Competitions for as little as 50 F/c. They are already up and running, so join in today…

Good luck in GR5.

Here’s a breakdown of the winners for GR4.

GW4 F/c Comp Challenge

1:Faiyaz Koor FIR 11 115 3160 F/c

2:Ton Rc Boomerang Rc 105 1580 F/c

3:Samuel Han Samuel 101 948 F/c

4:King Jon Puma Superstars 100 474 F/c

5:Sarah White Euro Champs 96 158 F/c

GW4 F/c Comp Pro

1:Faiyaz Koor FIR 11 115 3570 F/c

2:King Jon Puma Superstars 100 1785 F/c

3:Matt Parsons Snosrap FC Champs League 94 1071 F/c

4:Jamie Smallwood CL GW 4 94 536 F/c

5:King Jon Puma Champions 92 179 F/c

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