CL Manager of the Round: Gameround 3

October 24, 2013 1:52 pm

What a busy couple of evenings… It was a very high scoring round. Our winner for GR3 is Robert Preece. Nice one Robert. His newly created iTeam ‘Nailed It!’, scored a massive 139 points. 7 goals, 5 assists and a load of clean sheets, helped him win a £150 voucher for official sports memorabilia. Robert created this team especially for this gameround. His new team cost just 220 F/c to create. He also won both Credit Comps. It all turned out perfectly, well done.

Robert was confident that Atletico, Bayern and PSG, would be the teams not to concede. 7 clean sheets and a goal from Alaba, meant he received 56 points from his defenders.

Due to budget restrictions, he had to pack out his midfield. Motta, Rofles, Sam, Di Maria, Robben and Turan, scored 39 points between them.

That is 3 in 3 for Rolfes and Robben has now scored 30 points in just 3 games.

Robert could only afford the 1 forward. He could have gone for the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, or Lewandowski. He finally settled on Ibrahimovic and captained him. The one man wrecking machine rewarded him with 44 points. He is more than making up for that penalty miss in gameround 1.

Ibra moves to 2nd in the overall points table. Ronaldo still leads the way with a massive 44 points in just 3 games.

Very well played, we will be in touch regarding you’re prize. 

We don’t have to wait too long before the next Champions League games. Even though you get you’re 2 free transfers today, it is wise not to use them right away. Injuries and rotation could ruin you’re iTeam. Try and be patient. Patience = points…

Good luck in GR4. 

This post was written by FiT Admin