CL Manager of the Round: Gameround 4

November 7, 2013 4:50 pm

A little bit of a let down for most of us. Bayern and PSG scored 5 goals apiece in GR3. They played the same opponents this round, but only managed to score 1 each. We should be thankful that Messi and Ronaldo never disappoint. Our winner for GR4 is Faiyaz Koor. Nice one. His newly created iTeam ‘FIR 11’, scored a massive 115 points. 8 goals, 4 assists and 4 clean sheets, helped him win a £150 voucher for official sports memorabilia. Faiyaz created this team especially for this gameround. His new team cost just 220 F/c to create. He also won both Credit Comps. It all turned out perfectly for him, well done.

Faiyaz went with quite a cheap defence. Roberto, Toprak, Terry and Miranda, all managed to keep the opposition out. Miranda also scored, that made all the difference…

Due to budget restrictions, he had to go with a cheap midfield as well. Garcia, who now has 22 points in his last 2 games, was the only player midfielder to score him some attacking points.

It was his forward selection that won Faiyaz the day. Aguero is unstoppable at the moment. He was handed the armband and he scored a massive 30 points. Messi and Ronaldo were always going to perform and Costa was the other forward to contribute.

Ronaldo is the run way points leader now. He has scored a remarkable 8 goals in just 4 games and has 2 assists. Scary…

Very well played, we will be in touch regarding your prize.

We have 3 weeks until the next Champions League games. Even though you get your 2 free transfers today, it is wise not to use them right away. Injuries and especially rotation could ruin your iTeam. Try and be patient. Patience = points…

Good luck in GR5.

This post was written by FiT Admin