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January 10, 2014 11:45 am

Hi All

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and a memorable New Year. I also hope the relations didn’t get in the way of the football too much!

So we are now more than half way through the season and these are a few things we now know:-

  1. Man Utd are not going to win the league.

  2. Man Utd will struggle to finish in the top 4.

  3. Suarez should be captain every week.

  4. Fulham are going to get relegated and/or West Ham.

  5. Rotation is rubbish.

  6. Holding mid-fielders are pointless in the fantasy world.

  7. Kevin Nolan is mental.

  8. The FA cup is getting in the way of our enjoyment.

  9. Chelsea need a new striker who can score at least 5 goals this season.

  10. Is Benteke alive?

Transfers  (It’s how we all score points)

When deciding who to transfer in to your team, think about the probability that they will score you points. Sounds obvious I know, but take into account the strength of the opposition and the strength of his own team. For instance, any Man Utd midfielder is far less likely to score any points at the moment as they are really struggling as a whole team.

Here are a few players to avoid (or maybe not):

  1. Yaya Toure – His form can’t last! He is massively over-performing and his stats flatter to deceive.

  1. Sunderland Back 5 – They are bottom of the league for a reason! They get hammered every week!

  1. Adam Lallana – He’ll get found out soon, he’s not that good and Saints are going backwards.

  1. Danny Welbeck – Really? Are you kidding me? Hasn’t he only scored 2 goals in 5 years or something?

  1. Emmanuel Adebayor – Oh come on! This is getting ridiculous! Doesn’t he train with the Spurs Under-12’s? This is a nonsense bandwagon? He’s 4 years past his best!

  1. Yoan Gouffran – This is a guy that will have 2 or 3 good GW’s on the bounce and people will think he’s the new Alan Shearer. He’ll actually be the new Nile Ranger.

  1. West Brom players – Just no. It helps that they are in the bottom 3. What? They’re 14th and enjoying a decent run of form? No way!

  1. Daniel Sturridge – Ok, so he’s injured. But even when he’s back I wouldn’t come in for him. Too inconsistent. Huh? He scored 9 goals in 12 games before injury including 4 in a row TWICE!?!

Anyway now let’s look forward to the weekend:

Hull City vs Chelsea.

This is going to be a real test for Chelsea as Hull are very hard to break down at home. Chelsea do sometimes struggle to score when teams get 10 men behind the ball. I can see this being 0-0 or maybe either team could sneak a 1-0.

Prediction. 0-0.  Key Man :- Terry.

Cardiff vs West Ham.

The big question will be whether Cardiff owner Vincent Tan will be wearing his club shirt over a normal shirt and tie. Perhaps even the shades will be on view. This game will have no goals. Fact. Nolan will get sent off even though he’s banned already.

Prediction. Tan wearing club top over shirt and tie.  Key Man :- Tan (with shades).

Seamus Coleman vs Norwich.

Got to be a home win. Everton’s back 4 have not kept many clean sheets recently, not helped by injuries to their 2 center backs. They will today! Baines is a slight doubt though, which won’t help many of us. I can see them scoring big especially with Barkley in top form. Put Coleman in all your teams.

Prediction. 4-0.  Key Man  :- Coleman.

Fulham vs Sunderland.

If you have any Fulham or Sunderland players in your side, remove them this weekend. Long term they won’t score well enough. Huge game for both sides, a real 6 pointer. I have a feeling Sunderland will come out on top.

Prediction. 1-2.  Key Man :-  Fletcher (If he’s fit, otherwise Larsson)

Southampton vs West Brom.

Now that Southampton have finally stopped keeping all those clean sheets, West Brom will have a few chances to score. However, Southampton should be far too strong for them. Having said that, West Brom defend well and can easily shut up shop and can play very boring defensive football when they want to (which is far too often in my opinion).

Prediction. 1-0.  Key Man :- Rodriguez.

Spurs vs Palace.

With Sherwood in charge, Spurs are now playing more of a 4-4-2 formation and have brought Adebayor in from the cold (Under 12’s). Palace have also improved under Pullis, but I can see a big win here from a confident, more attacking Spurs outfit. Eriksen and Lennon seem to have benefited with more game time than under AVB.

Prediction.  3-0  Key Man  :- Eriksen

Man Utd vs Swansea.

In previous years this would be a nailed-on home win. Now it’s far harder to call and having watched Utd lose to Sunderland last night things may well not improve for a while. Apart from Rooney, Utd players should be avoided.

Prediction. 1-1.  Key Man :- Rooney (If he’s fit).

Newcastle vs Man City.

Newcastle are having a really good season this year and have been very impressive at times. Cabaye and Remy are their 2 main attacking options. As for Man City, they really need to start performing away from home. If they can do this, the league will surely be theirs. This game could easily be a goal fest.

Prediction. 2-4.  Key Man :- Negredo.

Stoke vs Liverpool.

This is a hard game to call. Stoke are capable of winning big and losing big. Obviously we’re all going to captain Suarez and with Gerrard back Liverpool may just nick it.

Prediction. 2-1  Key Man :- Obvious. 

Villa vs Arsenal.

What has happened to Benteke!!! Without his goal threat Villa are just not the same. Agbonlahor is their most potent forward at the moment. With Walcott now out for the season, Arsenal will be slightly weaker but they have so many mid-fielders they should cope quite easily.  It’s time for Cazorla to do what he did last year. 

Prediction 0-1.  Key Man :- Ozil.

Have a good weekend and if you think I may have copied and pasted any of the above then perhaps maybe I actually wrote the original ??? 

Yours in Football


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