Easterbrook Shares his FiT Knowledge

January 24, 2014 10:12 am

Hi Everyone

Welcome to this week’s blog, since my last blog thing have gone from bad to worse for me, my best team languishing in 1600 place. It’s that time of the season, 16 game weeks to go where we give up on our title dreams, just like United. 

I’ve made some shocking decisions this season, none better than putting in Vidic just before he scored his -6 against Chelsea. I had predicted 0-0 for that match and then an easy game against Cardiff in the first round of games this week. I should have listened to Mr Dash and steered clear of United players. 

Captain choice this week seems to be very easy like every other week, Suarez! He’s in amazing form and can anyone see it stopping? He even seems to of fulfilled his dietary needs but is he due a meltdown? Everton visit Liverpool (always a hot tempered game), who are performing well under Martinez but can anyone stop him? Is it worth a punt elsewhere? Well, it’s the time of the season if you need to catch up a few points in your mini league to make a change. Be brave! If in the last two game weeks you captained Adam Johnson and Eto’o then you’d be laughing! Anyone?…… No?……. Just me then! Only joking before the more anal ones of you go trawling through my transfers.

I’ve selected three alternative captain options this week for you to look at but don’t come moaning when Suarez bags a hat trick!

1, Bony, granted The Swans are in a rut but that’s not stopped him scoring points recently, 3 goals in his last 3 games and Fulham are shocking. 

2, Sturridge, he is forming a fantastic partnership with Suarez and outscored him last week. I always feel there will be plenty of goals in the Merseyside Derby too and for him, if he starts.

3, Adebayor, yes I know they are playing City but it’s not their defence that shining through. I can picture it now as he runs the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the City fans! I’ve just had déjà vu! 

This week’s transfers?

To be successful at this game you obviously need to have a plan. Look at the top 10 teams. Their plan is to copy one another. Although in all credit to them I can hardly criticise. They generally keep the same goalkeeper and defence no matter what. So for this week’s transfers we will only be looking at midfield and forward options.

The first team that catches my eye are Sunderland. A home match against Stoke in the last matches of the game week and then they play first away at Newcastle the following week so really easy to ditch them if they’ve scored you 4 points or less. Having only lost one of their last seven games and starting to score a few too Adam Johnson and Steven Fletcher could be worth a punt.

This week’s fixtures are pretty hard to predict as there are so many derby games but I’ve picked out the London derby between Chelsea and West Ham. Only 13 miles separates the two clubs and I can’t help but think this game will put another nail in Big Sam’s coffin. Can Eto’o do it again? Will Lampard get a start, he’s sure to score against his old club. The main man Hazard who features highly in the top 10 teams is the stand out player for me and is odds on to gain you some valuable FiT points!

While planning who to transfer in it is just as important to not transfer out certain players depending on their fixtures. For example leave your Newcastle players alone this week even though they play early as the play early next week too.

There are no right or wrong answers with fantasy football, we’ve all just got to go with our gut feeling or Super Dons spreadsheet which he will email to you for the small price of £10, minus my cut.

Good luck this week and may all your fantasy dreams come true!

Thank you,

Richard Easterbrook

This post was written by FiT Admin