EPL Credit Competition Winners: Gameweek 10

November 4, 2013 4:06 pm

The points keep coming… Goalkeepers are scoring, defenders are having a turn in net, it’s all happening… You needed at least 96 points to place in this weeks Credit Comps. Super ‘I’m sooo Rich’ Don was the main man. His iTeam ‘Tragic Sparrows’, had a seriously good week. Don won the ‘Comp Challenge’ and finished runner up in the ‘Comp Pro’. He walks away with over 8,500 F/c. Nice work.

Jonas Holtenius was our GW10 F/c Comp Pro winner with a massive score of 118 points. If only you had entered the other comp as well… Poor Jonas lost out on the under 18/RotW weekly prize on goals scored. Hopefully this win of over 5,000 F/c will make you feel a little better. Well played and good luck for the rest of November.

Steve Samarai, King Jon, Bobby Barnes, Robert Durham, Steve Kirkham and Matt Parsons were the other winners. Well done to all of you.

The GW11 Credit Comps are now up and running. Head over to the Comps page and enter for as little as 50 F/c. Feeling confident? Then enter the Pro Comp for just 125 F/c. Don’t forget our Champions League competitions. If you think your CL iTeam looks good, have a go…

Good luck in GW11.

Here’s a breakdown of the winners for GW10:

GW10 F/c Comp Challenge

1:Super Don Tragic Sparrows 103 5980 F/c

2:Steve Samurai Seymour Flange 101 2990 F/c

3:King Jon There’s Only 1 BBL! 99 1794 F/c

4:Bobby Barnes Lilywhites 99 897 F/c

5:Robert Durham Curreh N Ham United 96 299 F/c

GW10 F/c Comp Pro

1:Jonas Holtenius Dif 118 5355 F/c

2:Super Don Tragic Sparrows 103 2678 F/c

3:Steve Samurai Seymour Flange 101 1607 F/c

4:Steve Kirkham The Virus 100 803 F/c

5:Matt Parsons Snosrap FC Arsenal 99 268 F/c

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