EPL Credit Competition Winners: Gameweek 11

November 11, 2013 4:43 pm

A much tougher GW. You only needed 78 points to place in this weeks Credit Comp Pro. Fleece us all Preece was the main man again. His iTeam ‘LFC MINTY’, had a very good week. Robert won the ‘Comp Challenge’ and the ‘Comp Pro’. He walks away with over 11,000 F/c. You and Super Don could start your own bank… Nice work.

Rob ‘Runner Up’ Wright secured a credit haul of just over 6,000 F/c. Our other winners were Daniel McCarthy, Pete Bland, James Sweeney and Sean Pomfret. Well done to all of you.

The GW12 Credit Comps are now up and running. They’re a little different than usual. You can enter for as little as 25 F/c. The pro version costs just 75 F/c to enter. All our FiT Coaches are taking part and are challenging everyone else to beat them. If you manage to beat all of them, there is a very good chance you will be winning yourself some credits.

If the Coaches prove a little tough to beat, don’t worry. The top 15 ( excluding all coaches ) in each comp will win an exclusive FiT iPhone cover. This is limited to one per user. You can stick 10 iTeam’s into the comp, but you will never win more than one case. Places are limited, so join in today…

Enjoy the international break and good luck in GW12.

Here’s a breakdown of the winners for GW11:

GW11 F/c Comp Challenge

1:Robert Preece LFC MINTY 91 5780 F/c

2:Rob Wright Rabat Ajax 90 2890 F/c

3:Daniel McCarthy FC November 88 1734 F/c

4:Pete Bland AC a Little Silhouetto of Milan 87 867 F/c

5:James Sweeney Stockyboyz 84 289 F/c

GW11 F/c Comp Pro

1:Robert Preece LFC MINTY 91 5828 F/c

2:Rob Wright Rabat Ajax 90 2914 F/c

3:Daniel McCarthy FC November 88 1748 F/c

4:Rob Wright Naxxar Lions 78 874 F/c

5:Sean Pomfret Bobzie Babes 78 291 F/c

This post was written by FiT Admin