EPL Credit Competition Winners: Gameweek 8

October 24, 2013 2:03 pm

It was a very high scoring gameweek. You needed at least 94 points to place in the Credit Comps. Our first ever Free Entry Comp had 5,000 iTeam’s competing for the 5 top prizes. Steve Samurai and his iTeam ‘Seymour Flange’ came out on top… Steve also decided to pay into the GW8 F/c Comp Challenge. A 50 F/c entry fee was turned into 9160 F/c. Combined winnings of just over 11,500 credits. Very well played.

Robert Preece, Keiran Murphy, Malc Turner, Alan Davey, Stephen Bennett and Eoghan Collins, all placed in either the Free  Entry or the Comp Challenge. Well done to all of you.

The winner of the GW8 F/c Comp Pro was Robert Preece. From an initial investment of just 125 F/c ‘The ‘Octoberlones’ helped Robert to a 8714 credit haul. Combined winnings of just over 17,000 F/c, wow. You should have used the credits to create a few extra Champions League iTeam’s… More on that later. Well done.

Alan ‘always runner up’ Davey, Michale Mchale and Keith Donno all came out ahead in the Pro Comp. Nicely done.

The GW9 Credit Comps are now up and running. Head over to the Comps page and enter for as little as 50 F/c. Feeling confident? Then enter the Pro Comp for just 125 F/c.

Good luck in GW9.

Here’s a breakdown of the winners for GW8:

GW8 Free Entry Comp

1:Steve Samarai Seymour Flange 121 2500 F/c
2:Robert Preece Octoberlones 119 1250 F/c
3:Keiran Murphy Obi One Kenobi Nil 118 750 F/c
4:Malc Turner Julie’s 117 375 F/c ¬†
5:Alan Davey Daveys Donuts 114 125 F/c

GW8 F/c Comp Challenge

1:Steve Samarai Seymour Flange 121 9160 F/c
2:Robert Preece Octoberlones 119 4580 F/c
3:Alan Davey Daveys Donuts 114 2748 F/c
4:Stephen Bennett Real So So Bad 113 1374 F/c
5:Eoghan Collins Trimm Trabbs 105 458 F/c

GW8 F/c Comp Pro

1:Robert Preece Octoberlones 119 8715 F/c
2:Alan Davey Daveys Donuts 114 4358 F/c
3:Robert Preece Souffee Defensive 103 2615 F/c
4:Michael Mchale Terra bull 103 1307 F/c
5:Keith Donno Win Again KAD 94 436 F/c

This post was written by FiT Admin