EPL Credit Competition Winners: Gameweek 9

October 28, 2013 1:12 pm

Another decent gameweek. Plenty of clean sheets, but plenty of goals as well. You needed at least 100 points to place in this weeks Credit Comps. Scary scores. Damien Davidson was the main man. His iTeam ‘Up and at em’, had a seriously good week. Winning both the ‘Comp Challenge’ and the ‘Comp Pro’, Damien walks away with over 10,000 F/c. Nice work.

Colin Morton, Ben England, Super Don and Andy Wilson all profited in the Comp Challenge.

In the Pro Challenge we had a few different winners. Kev Stevenson, Steve Kirkham and Konrad Bartczak helped make up the top 5. Well done to all this weeks winners.

The GW10 Credit Comps are now up and running. Head over to the Comps page and enter for as little as 50 F/c. Feeling confident? Then enter the Pro Comp for just 125 F/c.

Good luck in GW10. It’s bonus transfer week…

Here’s a breakdown of the winners for GW9:

GW9 F/c Comp Challenge

1:Damien Davidson Up and at em 107 5160 F/c
2:Colin Morton Colin’s Bruisers 103 2580 F/c
3:Ben England Spares 102 1548 F/c
4:Super Don Tragic Sparrows 102 774 F/c
5:Andy Wilson Legends Of The West 101 258 F/c

GW9 F/c Comp Pro

1:Damien Davidson Up and at em 107 5250 F/c
2:Kev Stevenson The Bescoteers 106 2625 F/c
3:Super Don Tragic Sparrows 102 1575 F/c
4:Steve Kirkham Say Hello To My Little Friend 100 788 F/c
5:Konrad Bartczak Fc Pumpkin 100 263 F/c

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