EPL Credit Competition Winners: October

October 31, 2013 1:53 pm

The October credit comps are over and by the looks of the results we have one clear winner. Rob Wright is literally swimming in FiT credits. With 5 placings out of the 15 available, he’s got to be happy. Rob managed to win just over 20,000 F/c. His biggest win was in the October F/c Gold Cup. Well played Rob. Will you be creating a few new iTeam’s for November?

Robert ‘the rich’ Preece won the October 75 F/c comp. He just does it for the crack, it’s not like he needs the credits… The Godfather mentioned you fleeced him out of 3,000 F/c as well, nice one Robert.

The winner of the October 250 F/c challenge was Damien ‘I like my name up in lights’ Davidson. Not content with winning the Under 18 and Rest of the World prize, he also wanted to be rich… 250 F/c in and 7200 F/c out. Not bad at all. Well done, a great month for you.

Jason Dainty, Gary Beaumont, Raj Helate, Justin Howsego and Darran Stickley were our other monthly winners.

Well done to all of you. November’s comps are now up and you can enter for as little as 75 F/c. Go to the in-app comps page and have a dabble.

Good luck in November.

Here’s a breakdown of the winners for October:

October 75 F/c Challenge

1:Robert Preece Souffee Defensive 255 5790 F/c

2:Rob Wright Munxar Falcans 238 2895 F/c

3:Jason Dainty Trap 2 235 1737 F/c

4:Gary Beaumont N##Forest 235 869 F/c

5:Raj Helate Ladyboys 235 290 F/c

October 250 F/c Challenge

1:Damien Davidson Up and at em 265 7200 F/c

2:Rob Wright Munxar Falcans 238 3600 F/c

3:Gary Beaumont N##Forest 235 2160 F/c

4:Robert Preece Octoberlones 235 1080 F/c

5:Rob Wright Tarxien Rainbows 234 360 F/c

October F/c Gold Cup

1:Rob Wright Munxar Falcans 238 10400 F/c

2:Gary Beaumont N##Forest 235 5200 F/c

3:Rob Wright Tarxien Rainbows 234 3120 F/c

4:Justin Howsego No Saints All Sinners 219 1560 F/c

5:Darran Stickley Prestige Paving All Stars 212 520 F/c

This post was written by FiT Admin