EPL Manager of The Week: Gameweek 8

October 24, 2013 2:05 pm

That was a fun week… Only 3 points separated the top 5. It was Kevin Chew who secured the GW8 Betfred Manager of the Week. 120 points was enough for Kevin’s iTeam ‘Sword Fighters F.C’ to win. Congratulations.

It was a tough week for defenders and clean sheets were hard to come by. Even the mighty Southampton conceded. Kevin picked up defensive points from Dawson, Walker and Chico. 24 points between them wasn’t a bad haul.

There were some very strong midfield performances in GW8. Kevin didn’t need Ozil, Cabaye, Ruiz or Silva. He went with Hazard, Mirallas, Gerrard, Ramsey and Ben Arfa. How many of you took Ramsey out when you saw him on the bench? It was captaining Hazard that really helped Kevin’s score. Hazard scored him a massive 34 points.

Up front, Suarez, Aguero and Berbatov, contributed with a healthy 30 points between them. Aguero is scoring for fun at the moment.

Well done. We will be in touch soon to see what Club Shirt you want.

The GW8 Under 18 and Rest of the World winner was Bryant Bailey. His iTeam ‘Trouble Awaits’ scored a massive 130 points. What a score…

Begovic and Dawson helped with 7 points apiece. Bryant went with Ozil, Silva, Hazard,  Ben Arfa, Ramsey and Sigurdsson. His packed out midfield scored a huge 56 points between them.

A Chelsea striker finally scored a premier league goal. Bryant selected Eto’o, Giroud, Soldado and captained Aguero. His forward line scored 4 goals and made 5 assists, noice.

Very well played. Enjoy you’re new Club Shirt, you deserved it.

Suarez (22.5%) and Ozil (14.8%) were the leaders in our GW8 captain poll. The big let down was Lukaku.

Good luck to all of you in GW9.

This post was written by FiT Admin