EPL Returns for 14/15 – By James Dash

August 11, 2014 9:52 am

Well the season is about to start after the most enjoyable World Cup for decades, and I for one can’t wait. As managers, this is the time we should be tinkering with our teams and creating new ones. This year, I believe it will much harder to win the whole thing or even get a top 100 finish, due to the fact that most of the top fantasy managers have loads of teams. This app is so addictive that having more teams just increases the fun and the frustration! Pre-season is therefore a much busier time for all of us. One of the hardest things to get right is working out who are the good, cheap players to get into your side – particularly the players from the promoted sides who we’ve never heard of! I’ve got 4 teams now and I’m not happy with any of them. If you’re new to FiT, welcome. Get yourself into a Mini League and enjoy.

A word of warning to you all; English Premier League (EPL) doctors have recently discovered a new disease that could affect football fans when they play too much fantasy football. It’s called the Fantasy Football Syndrome. Here are some of the symptoms that players may experience:

– You start to care about unpopular matches because the players on the field are in your fantasy team.
– You are more concerned about the performance of your fantasy team than the team you actually support.
– You start rooting for players playing against your supported team, in front of your mates in the pub, simply because they are in your fantasy team.
– You went to your fantasy player’s twitter account and tweeted him to give a bit of a lecture on how he should be playing.
– You actually believe that you could have taken over David Moyes’ job last season and be a better manager than him at Old Trafford.

Since the Premier League 2014/15 is kicking off soon, be prepared for the potential psychological hazard that this app might cause in the next 10 months. If you discover that you have been afflicted by this syndrome, do not worry, doctors are continuing to look for a cure. Current research shows that the side-effects are short lived. So, enjoy the upcoming EPL season!

Anyway let’s take a quick look at this weeks fixtures in terms of picking your first weeks team or teams.

Man United vs Swansea

This is the early Saturday fixture and is key to the weekend. I would strongly recommend putting in at least 3 United players. Remember you have unlimited transfers right up to 10 minutes before this game kicks off. So, wait until the teams are announced (about an hour before kick off) and make sure your United players are starting. Rooney is a must especially as RVP isn’t starting. I would also consider De Gea in goal as he should start every week and United should be a lot stronger than they were last year. Mata and Herrera are good midfield choices and the 3 center backs of Smalling, Evans and Jones look set to start with United now player 3 at the back.

The 3pm Kick Offs
Leicester vs Everton
QPR vs Hull
Stoke vs Villa
West Brom vs Sunderland
West Ham vs Spurs

This is where it gets tricky. I always believe it’s better not to take risks when selecting players. Wherever possible, stick with the tried and tested performers. The problem at the start of the season though is that you can’t afford all these trusted players. Always pick players who start all the time. I personally try and only pick players whose team will finish in the top 10 come the end of the season. So from the above 10 teams, perhaps pick 3 or 4 players. If you are short of cash, these 3 or 4 players could be where you save money. For example, Lamela (5.9 mil) of Spurs has had a very good pre-season.

Arsenal vs Palace

The Saturday evening game. Arsenal have just won the Charity Shield (or whatever it’s called now) and I reckon they will have a very good season. Ramsey is a must, and if you want a a manager who doesn’t often rotate his defenders then select a few from Arsenal. If Sanchez is going to play wide left and Giroud down the middle, which is likely, then Giroud would be my preferred option out of the 2 of them.

Liverpool vs Southampton and Newcastle v Man City

Sunday sees Liverpool play Southampton (assuming they can get a side together) followed by Newcastle at home to Man City. Liverpool without Suarez? They will be fine? No really they will be! Sturridge will score loads this season, so get him in your side. Lovren is only valued at 6 mil and will hopefully keep many clean sheets. He will be in most of my sides. Newcastle and Man City?????? I’m really not sure how this will go to be honest. I have a bad (or good) feeling that City will struggle this year. Toure can’t repeat last year can he?

Burnley vs Chelsea

The final game of the weekend sees Chelsea at Burnley. Chelsea are many peoples favorites for the title. I agree, and think Fabregas and Costa will be immense and their defense will keep loads of clean sheets. But who will play in goal? Big Chelsea win.

Finally, get on the Forum, enjoy the banter, put your views across and enjoy the season! Right, I’m off to tinker with my sides.

Yours in Football

The Dashman

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