FiT Coach Alan Davey’s 9 FiT Top Tips continuing this week with Tips 4, 5 and 6

January 11, 2013 1:21 pm

4) Scoring
Points are awarded based on real-life games. Let’s say you’ve got a Chelsea forward in your iTeam – If Chelsea play and that player makes the starting line-up, he will be awarded two points for your iTeam. You will see that defenders and midfielders receive slightly more points for scoring a goal than forwards do.  Here is a breakdown of points:

Starting Line-up: 2
Substitute Appearance: 1
Goal – Defenders: 7
Goal – Midfielders: 6
Goal – Forwards: 5
Assist: 3
Sending off: -5

5) Gameweeks
To break up the season we have 38 gameweeks. At the start of each gameweek you will receive 2 (sometimes 3) additional transfers. You also have the option of purchasing 1 additional transfer each week. If you want further information regarding gameweeks click/tap here
6) Captaincy
Every football team needs a captain. Unlike real life we can change ours every gameweek. Your captain will receive double the amount of points he should have got for that particular week. This works positively and negatively. Due to the negative factor, it isn’t always wise to captain a defender. Unless you’re very confident in his ability to keep a clean sheet or grab a goal in the game. Baines is always a popular captain choice due to his attacking returns.
Some managers like to take risks with the captaincy. This tactic may benefit you in the short term and doing something a bit different gives you a better shot at a weekly prize (if it comes off). In the long term though, it is wise to stick to the main men. The likes of RvP, Rooney, Aguero, and Suarez are more likely to provide constant good returns. Picking the wrong captain won’t always ruin your week but long term you want your captain hitting double point figures as often as possible.

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