FiT Coach Alan Davey’s 9 FiT Top Tips finishing this week with Tips 7,8 and 9

January 17, 2013 4:07 pm

7) Mini Leagues and Competitions

The lifeblood of FiT. This is what makes FiT the standout fantasy football game. Over the years I’ve tried out many different games but none have the social aspect of Fantasy iTeam. We have user run leagues, user run competitions and thousands of managers who like to communicate within the app. Make sure you check out the main forums to see what different Mini Leagues have to offer. We also have the official leagues and competitions. There are some great prizes up for grabs. Even if you have joined us late into the season, you will still have a great chance of winning a weekly or monthly prize. For more details on leagues and comps, check this out – Prizes & Competitions
8) Manager Reputation

Your progress in FiT is saved season after season. If you win a rosette or a trophy, it will be shown in your cabinet for life. You can also increase your manager reputation a number of different ways. For those that are interested you can also earn the right to become a coach by increasing your reputation. Check this link out for more information – Manager Reputations
9) Hints and Tips  
• First things first. If you genuinely want to improve your chances of scoring big, take a little time out and re-read this, especially the section regarding transfers.
• Knowledge is power. Understanding the game mechanics is important but ultimately, picking the right players is what’s going to make the difference. It’s a good idea to follow @fantasyiteam on twitter. We provide team news before the weekend, live commentary during games and we are always available to give helpful advice and answer any questions. We also have a Facebook page where you can take part in competitions and read up on anything FiT and football related.
• The next quote is from our current World Champion. Sir James Dash. ‘Don’t take huge risks. Over the whole season it’s better to stick with the regular point scorers rather than constantly taking punts on players’
• Plan ahead. Due to the nature of the transfer system you want to try and plan ahead. If you transfer out RvP can you get him back in the week after without sacrificing a transfer? Are your current defenders about to face the top teams? Are some of your players carrying 4 yellow cards and could be due a suspension? Poor planning = poor performance.
• If you are unable to see team line-ups due to other commitments, transfer in safe bets. There is no point in trying to 2nd guess Ferguson or Mancini. Stick to transferring in players that are pretty much guaranteed to start. The clubs that aren’t involved in Champions League football don’t tend to rotate their squads as much as the big 4.
• Don’t let people tell you that to be successful at the game you have to open the app every minute of the day. If you run with 1 team, watch Match of the Day, and spend 20 minutes a week checking out team news and planning ahead, you can be very successful.
• If after seeing the team line ups you find that 1 of your players is on the bench, don’t take him out for another. Stick to the let them play first rule. So many substitutes are coming on late and scoring points; it’s never worth the risk. It’s pretty annoying to take out a benched player, only for him to then come on and score.
• Team line-ups are posted on twitter about 50 – 55 minutes before kick-off. We try to give you plenty of time to make your transfers. So many people still transfer players in slightly late. If you’re about to transfer a player in and it’s very, very close to the 10 minute deadline, it may not be worth risking it, you don’t want to waste a transfer. Try and make them at least 15 minutes before kick-off.
I’m sure I could go on and on but there are some things you just need to work out for yourselves. There are double game weeks and lots you will want to discuss. Make sure you join a mini league if you haven’t already. Most members will be happy to answer any questions. If there is anything you need clarifying or if you have any questions you can always private message me. Good luck for the rest of the season.
Alan Donut Davey

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