FiT Coach Andrew Dengate’s Wise Words

September 27, 2012 12:42 pm

This week’s blog comes from FiT Coach Andrew Dengate, officially our most active user and a big personality on the social side of the app.  He runs a couple of very popular Mini Leagues and is currently sitting in 100th place in the World Championship with one of his iTeams.

“I’m going down a different road this week because, as you can see, my trophy cabinet isn’t the same as other FiT Coaches!

I’ve run a Mini League on FiT for the past 3 seasons including the Euros. My first one started off with only 17 members in, as we were all mates we always had a bit of banter going but I wanted bigger. I made another iTeam so I could join a big league to see what they are like and I joined the UK ML and loved the competition.

Mini Leagues nowadays are always offering something different from a five a side team competition to the KFC, if your looking for some sort of competition you can normally find one.

I copied an idea and run a cup in my league last year and that’s when it became popular and that’s when all the banter started within the league. We’ve had more people join and some people leave to run their own leagues, taking what they’ve learnt from mine to input into theirs making FiT a better place all round.

A lot of people take a lot of different things from FiT, some are here for the prizes, some are here to beat their mates and some put a team in and never return.

I’m here for the social side of FiT, I use to be addicted to Facebook but now I chat on here rather than there. In my league we have people ranging from 12 year old Aussies to 50 year old grandads and we all talk daily.

FiT have told me that only 2% of us get involved in the banter and actually post, I really feel that the other 98% of people are missing out on so much. If you are a regular talker in a league full of zombies you can leave and join another but each iTeam can be only in one league at a time.

It’s hard to get a Mini League going like mine but here’s a few tips –
1. It doesn’t have to have 100s but you need 10 to gain weekly & monthly rossettes.
2. If you set your Mini League as Public rather than Private people can find it in the search.
3. If you can think of something different to attract members like different competitions it does help but not necessary, it all depends how much time you want to put in.
4. If you are after a big banter league don’t fear, if you have different people only posting once every other day it doesn’t look a lot but actually that is a lot more than most of the big leagues I’ve been in!

Back to the points, last Gameweek we saw big points from a few different people. Rickie Lambert scoring twice making it 4 out of 5, while facing Everton, Aston Villa and West Ham in his next 3 games is a bargain buy at £7.9 million. Ashley Cole scored a rare goal but kept his 4th clean sheet out of 5. Chelsea defenders are scoring lately but with Arsenal, Spurs & Manchester United in their next 4 games, they may be worth holding off signing just yet. Fellaini is the other non striker scoring and assisting a lot already this season, he continued this against Swansea who have let in goals in their past 3 games. Everton have Southampton, Wigan & QPR in their next 3 games so watch his value continue to rise. Ba, Defoe and RVP all continued their form this week and with Defoe & Van Persie’s teams playing each other this week, Ba will be considered the more popular choice with FiT managers this week.

There’s not many ‘big’ teams playing smaller teams this week except Fulham v Man City with Aguero back at only £10.2 million he could be worth signing but with City ever rotating their squads I would wait till the team sheets come out before you sign him. If your wanting to free up some spare cash have a look at West Brom defence, with Villa and QPR next, there’s potential for 2 clean sheets there. Suarez has a few easy games coming so if can pull his finger out his bum he may be able to put the ball in the back of the net!

Please take all these hints at your own risk, if you check out my team’s points your understand why ! Thanks for listening, good luck this game week, peace and love.”

This post was written by FiT Admin