FiT Future Update – Scheduled Transfers & Android Improvements

August 19, 2014 5:31 pm

We hope you’ve had a great start to the season, if you haven’t, don’t worry, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

We wanted to give you a heads up in regards to a cool new feature that will be implemented soon – ‘Scheduled Transfers’. This will enable you to plan ahead and make sure you don’t miss out on points.

If you struggle to make transfers over the weekend, due to:

*Living outside the UK
*Forced into a last minute shopping trip
*A poorly scheduled holiday
*Poor signal inside a stadium
*You’re just too busy
*You’re forgetful
*You have 10 iTeam’s to manage

Then this should really help!

Using Gameweek 1 as an example:

On Thursday evening you planned the following:

Rooney to come out of you iTeam after he’s played and Sanchez to be brought in.

Sanchez to come out of your iTeam after he’s played and Sturridge to be brought in.

Use an emergency transfer – Sturridge to come out of your iTeam after he’s played and Costa to be brought in.

You will be able to cancel/amend the scheduled transfer(s) any time before they are completed. So, if you’re lucky enough to see the team line-up, and the player(s) aren’t starting or you simply change your mind, it won’t be a problem, you can cancel them. If you’re scheduled transfers cannot be completed due to a shift in a player’s PlayDAQ value, you will be given advanced notification, allowing you enough time to make alternative arrangements.

We will go into much more detail about exactly how it will work in a future article.  

Scheduled Transfers will be available to iOS and Android users. While we are also working on improvements to our Android application, to provide a smoother experience for you all.

Thank you

Fantasy iTeam

This post was written by FiT Admin