FiT Godfather Returns

August 29, 2013 9:41 am

I’m back and I’m here to make you all an offer you can’t refuse. Join my mini league – PIN 10804 and compete against my own monthly team and other so called ‘elite’ managers. I’m a generous man and I will give away credits to the teams that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd each calendar month. If you don’t want to bring your main team along then create a new one. 

This is the best bit. If a newly created team for that month wins a prize, then the prize doubles in value. For example – Create a new team this Sunday, 1st September and join my league with it. If that team finishes in the top 3 in September you will win a share of 5,000 credits. Simple eh and people say I am tight. You might even get a shot at challenging my own team and if your very lucky and win, I will send you 100 FiT credits.

Now the mini league plugging is over with I will be helpful and share some facts and figures from the last 2 Gameweeks. I have excluded Aston Villa and Chelsea statistics due to the fact they do not have a fixture in GW 3. Some fascinating stuff, make of it what you will. I’m sure it will be wasted on most of you. 

Player Stats:

Attempts on Goal 

1) Lambert 11
2) Dzeko, Van Persie 10
3) Barkley 9 
4) Ben Arfa, Paulinho, Giroud 8
5) Whittingham, Sturridge, Campbell 7 

Attempts on Goal ( Defenders )

1) Coleman, Johnson, Whittaker 4
2) Enrique, Evra, Chico, Rangel, Huth, Jagielka, Dawson 3

Chances Created 

1) Chadli 9
2) Baines 8 
3) Ward-Prowse, Marveaux, Walcott 7
4) Aspas, Coutinho, Silva, Cazorla, Etherington, Johnson 6
5) Coleman, Enrique, Aguero, Whittingham, Howson, Rosicky, Hernandez 5 

Attempted Crosses

1) Ward-Prowse 28
2) Baines 26
3) Elmohamady, Gerrard, Shelvey, Navas, Walcott 15

Team Stats:

Attempts on Goal

1) Everton 42
2) Tottenham 39
3) Man City 36
4) Arsenal 34
5) Liverpool 30

The 5 teams with the most favourable fixtures for GW 3 – GW 7 ( my opinion, which means it’s a fact )

1) Newcastle
2) Arsenal 
3) Liverpool
4) West Ham
5) Fulham

That will do for now. The facts may only give you an insight into the first 2 games but some of the players listed may start to rack up the FiT points very soon. Remember that Villa and Chelsea have no GW 3 fixture and GW 3 is split between August and September, so plan your transfers accordingly. Best of luck in GW 3, you will need it.

The FiT Godfather

This post was written by FiT Admin