FiT Guide – Head-to-Head (H2H)

August 22, 2012 9:28 am

In continuation of our help for new users, the next feature we are going to try our best to explain is the unique H2H (Head-to-Head) feature. There are two types of H2H matches that each iTeam can take part in each Gameweek.  We have H2H Challenges and Bonus H2H.

H2H Challenge
This is where one iTeam challenges another for a set wager, the winner is the iTeam who scores the most points in the specified Gameweek. 

For example, if iTeam A challenges iTeam B for a 100k wager in GW1, both iTeams will have £100k put into their allocation bank until the result is decided.  iTeam A scores 50 points and iTeam B scores 30 points in GW1, when the Gameweek changes iTeam A will receive £200k.  This money can then be used in other H2H Challenges or can be used to strengthen iTeam A’s lineup.

To Challenge an iTeam, you can go to their iTeam page and simply press the ‘Challenge’ button underneath their pitch view.  Or alternatively, if you are struggling to get a response from people, you can use the H2H Lobby where users put themselves up for a H2H Challenge and anyone can accept it.

There are certain rules around H2H Challenges which have been put in place to avoid people abusing the system, more info on these can be found in the Help section.

Bonus H2H

This is a weekly match that every iTeam is entered into.  For GW1 you had to create your iTeam before the first game kicked off to be involved but if you didn’t then you will be included in GW2 onwards.

The way a Bonus H2H works is the same as a H2H Challenge, except no one loses money, we just give £200k to the winner.  You are all drawn at random each week when the Gameweek changes and you can see your current score by visiting the Match Centre and pressing the H2H tab (or just visit the H2H section on Facebook & iPad).

*  on iPhone & Android got to Comps and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the H2H menu, while on iPad and Facebook you have a whole section dedicated to H2H.

* COMING SOON – you will have the ability to also stake FiT Credits when challenging someone to a H2H, it will be in addition to challenging for iTeam money, and you will be able to do both at the same time.  For example, iTeam A will  be able to challenge iTeam B for £100k and 500 F/c in GW5.

Tomorrow we will be posting an overview of the Competitions and prizes on offer this season.


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