FiT Guide – Manager Reputations

August 31, 2012 8:58 am

Manager reputations in FiT is something a lot of people ask us about on a regular basis.  This season we have tried to make the process of increasing your reputation a little clearer and have also added incentives to make it more rewarding for you to level up.

Every iTeam Manager has their own reputation rating, which is reset each season. This reputation rating is meant to be a reflection of your proficiency at managing your iTeam and also of being part of the FiT community. There are a number of ways in which you can increase your reputation throughout the season and there are rewards for reaching specific levels on the scale. When the season is over, you will receive a Reputation Card for your Trophy Cabinet depending on the final rating you receive.

Ways to increase your reputation (each of the following will be calculated when the Gameweek changes):

• Score more than 55 points in a Gameweek with one of your iTeams

• Win a trophy of any kind in a Gameweek (your Mini League must comprise 10 or more iTeams for you to win a trophy)

• Finish in the Top 100 Managers in the World Championship for a Gameweek

• Win a H2H Challenge with one of your iTeams during a Gameweek (this does not include Bonus H2H)

• Use up all of your available transfer credits within a Gameweek (this does NOT include Emergency Transfers)

If you manage to achieve two of the above within a Gameweek you will receive an increase of 0.1, if you manage to achieve three you will receive an increase of 0.2, and if you achieve four or more you will receive an increase of 0.3.

It is worth noting that you can only obtain each of the above once per Manager each Gameweek. This means that if you have three iTeams which all score more than 55 points, it will only count as one achievement. The same applies with transfer activity in the sense that you only need to make all transfers with one iTeam, rather than all three to obtain that achievement.

Another way to increase your reputation is by bringing new users to FiT by using your Promo Code. If a new user signs up using your Promo Code, it will be logged and for every five new Managers you bring you will receive an increase of 0.1 to your Reputation. This will be updated throughout the Gameweek, rather than when it changes. This is additional to the other incentives you will have already received for spreading the word using your Promo Code.

All managers start at Level 1.0 and the rewards for reaching each subsequent level are as follows:

Level 2 – 50 F/c (FiT Credits)
Level 3 – 75 F/c
Level 4 – 90 F/c
Level 5 – 100 F/c
Level 6 – 110 F/c
Level 7 – 125 F/c
Level 8 – 140 F/c
Level 9 – 150 F/c
Level 10 (Special One) – 220 F/c and FiT Coach status


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