FiT Guide – Prizes & Competitions

August 23, 2012 9:23 am

The next aspect of FiT we wanted to explain is Prizes and Competitions.  We have a host of great prizes on offer this year, and which one’s are available to you depend on your age and location.  More information can be found on the Competition page itself (press on the banner to see more info) and also in the Help section.

There are also a host of great user run competitions, with a variety of unique features.  Remember though, you can only join one Mini League per iTeam.

The main FiT competitions are split into 2 sections –

1. UK users who are over 18
2. Users from the rest of the world (RoW) and UK users who are Under 18

UK Over 18’s Prizes (terms and conditions apply – see Comps page for more details)
World Championship – Trip for 2 to World Cup in Brazil in 2014
Rich LIst – EPL Match Day VIP Experience for 2 
Manager of The Month – £500 Gadget Pack + £100 free bet
Manager of The Week – Club Shirt of your choice + £25 free bet

Under 18’s & RoW (terms and conditions apply – see Comps page for more details)
World Championship – £1000 Gadget Pack + Club Shirt
Rich LIst – £250 Gadget Pack
Manager of The Month – £100 Gadget Pack
Manager of The Week – Club Shirt of your choice

Mini Leagues

FiT is much more enjoyable when you compete in a Mini League. Each iTeam can compete in one Mini League, and there are a host which have prizes up for grabs too.  You can find more info on these in the Forum, but some of them have unique rules and features which may appeal to a lot of you, and provide a slightly different experience when playing FiT from the norm. 

Some are very social and a great place to chat Football with other managers, if you are in one, be sure to check out the ‘Mini League’ tab on the Newsfeed to talk to those managers who are in your Mini League.

A Mini League must have 10 or more iTeams to qualify for FiT Trophies, if you are not in a Mini League visit the Comps section to join one.  If you have signed into your Facebook account through FiT you may find some leagues with your friends in them, or you can view all and see the Official FiT leagues and unofficial one’s where there is a host of options to choose from.

Tomorrow we will be posting an overview of Transfers & iTeam selection.


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