FiT Guide – Transfers

August 21, 2013 5:01 pm

A massively important part of FiT to get your head around is transfers and iTeam selection, as FiT is different from any other Fantasy Football game out there.  If you use your transfers wisely you will have 14 points scoring players playing each GW.

1. You get 2 transfers each week, with the option to buy a 3rd using 100 FiT Credits. USE THEM!!

2. IMPORTANT – you can make changes to your iTeam in between fixtures.  As long as the player is in your iTeam lineup 10 mins before a game kicks off you will get his points. 

For example, you could have Daniel Sturridge in your iTeam for the 12.45pm game against Stoke on Saturday 17th August, you can then transfer him out while Liverpool are playing, say 2pm, and still receive his points for the rest of the game.  You could bring in Olivier Giroud in his place and then score points for him as well in the Arsenal v Aston Villa fixture at 3pm on the same day. 


3. Transfer credits will get reset when the Gameweek changes over, this is usually 4pm the day after the last game in the week – for GW1 this is the Chelsea v Aston Villa game on Wednesday 21st August 7.45pm.  Transfer Credits DO NOT rollover.

4. Some Gameweeks are classed as ‘Bonus’ weeks where you will receive an additional free Transfer Credit, so you will get 3 instead of 2 Transfer Credits, with the option to buy a 4th. 

5. Make sure you select a Captain each week, that player will score you double points for the Gameweek.  A captain can be set anytime, as long as it is 10 mins before kick-off, if your player does not play AND he is not on the bench then you can choose another one in that Gameweek.

If a team plays twice in one Gameweek, you get double points twice for that player.  For example, Chelsea play twice in GW1, so if you select Petr Cech as your captain you will receive double points for the game against Hull City, and the game against Aston Villa.

Hopefully that all makes sense and you can all take advantage of changing your iTeam throughout the weekend to get the most out of FiT. 

We will continue to post these guides up until the season kicks off. 


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This post was written by FiT Admin