FiT Legend Andy Dengate Previews GW17

December 18, 2014 3:53 pm


This is the first time I’ve ever wrote a blog for FiT when it actually looks like I know what I’m talking about. I’m well known for being less useful than a chocolate tea pot, and points for my iTeam are normally as rare as rocking horse … But today I come here to talk to you while sitting pretty in the top 100, yeah, I still can’t believe it either !!

I felt too cool for cats racking up 73 points last week, but looking back, I can’t see where from … I made a rookie mistake & sold Rooney for Costa early on, after chasing the rich list & wondering how much that doggie in the window was going to rise, so I made a bold move.
Looking back over my shoulder, most of the results went as expected, except Southampton leaking in more goals, maybe it’s time to switch to a Burnley defence !?

Let’s look ahead to next week –

Early KO sees the Blue of Manchester against Crystal Palace. You’d expect a few goals in this one. With Aguero out still out & Dzeko and Jovetic doubtful, Pozo could get a rare start & he’s an absolute bargain. I’d be very tempted, he could well be City’s ding a ling.

Last week I think I was the only one without a Manchester United striker, but hey, I still won my h2h. After United winning 6 on the bounce, I think I may have to change that this week. Rooney or RVP is the real question here ??

Hull v Swans. I’ve been tempted to lose Siggy for a few weeks now but I know the week I do he’ll get 12 assists. Bony is also flying high, registering attacking points in of the past 5 games. Hull is a team full of surprises, so this one really could go either way.

QPR v WBA is the quieter of the fixtures, with not many iTeams being full of players here. The obvious choice would be Charlie Austin. With 8 goals to his name, it still surprises me that he’s under £6 million.

With the Blue half of Merseyside playing last in GW 16, I’m sure your teams are full of Everton players. And with Southampton leaking now, that’s not a bad bet. Mirallas has now gone from a ? to s (+), so a transfer is in order.

Spurs are having their normal season of ups & downs & Burnley are probably playing as well as expected. If my old man was a dustman, I’d bet his dustman’s hat on a Spurs win here. Harry Kane proved to be a bargain buy, as does Tom Heaton – he is the 7th highest scoring goalkeeper and at under £4 million, if you’re looking to free up some pennies.

Leicester City might as well bring their daughters for slaughter as their defence is going to get the same treatment. The Lion King Andy Carroll believes West Ham can win the league, now I’m not so sure on that but I think we can finish above everyone else. Who could ever imagine a few years ago that Stuart Downing would be the 6th highest scoring midfielder … he’s scored more points than Mata, Toure, Cazorla & Gerrard and at a fraction of the price. Another easy win for the hammers to bring us that bit closer to Chelsea.

There’s no late KO on Saturday night so we can relax for a few hours, enjoy a few sherbets & start thinking about Sunday’s first game – the Northern derby, Newcastle playing Sunderland … I think I might have a lay in & skip this one, sounds as exciting as a warrior in woolworths.

4pm sees a thriller with Liverpool facing Arsenal, both teams will be desperate for a win here, with neither in the position they would expect to be in. Last Game Week Liverpool played Sterling up front against Man Utd and it didn’t pay off, but it did midweek. Arsenal, now with Giroud back have a selection like a milk tray of strikers to choose from. I wouldn’t like to call which way this will go. I imagine players from both teams will be popular with iTeam managers

Monday Night Football sees Stoke face a flying Chelsea. Costa back to his scoring ways, Hazard playing well, Cesc back last week from suspension, clean sheets being won, Stoke could really struggle here. A lot of people will notice that Chelsea play first next Game Week on Boxing Day & will fill up on them, not me, as they face the mighty West Ham. I plan to climb the table even more over Xmas !!

Merry Christmas Everyone, thank you for reading, I’ll leave you with this … Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given — when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes.

Andrew Dengate
FiT Family Chairman
FiT Legend

This post was written by Fantasy iTeam