Gameweek 11 Preview By Alan Davey

November 7, 2013 5:15 pm

GW 11- 15 Advice…

The weeks are flying by… After the international break we have football galore. There have been plenty of high scoring weeks so far this season. An average gameweek score of 66 points is the current requirement if you want to be in the top 100. The overall leader, Dean McClean, has averaged 73 points, that is simply outstanding. It’s still early days though, everything can and will change. The difference between 100th and 1st is just 7 points per GW… It doesn’t sound like much does it? It’s not always about massive weekly scores. Don’t panic, stick with the proven performers and try and aim for at least 60+ points a week.

So who are these proven performers? Lets start with forwards. If you look at the top 10 forwards, ( points scored ) there aren’t many surprises. Remy might be the only exception. I try and look about 5 games ahead when planning transfers. With that in mind, the likes of Aguero, Negredo, Suarez and Sturridge, should be top of your shopping list. Man City and Liverpool have at least 4 very winnable games in the next 5. Man United have 3 home games and an away trip to Cardiff, so RvP and Rooney should be in there as well. It’s not rocket science is it…

The tricky bit is getting as many of these forwards into your team. A lot of the top managers have selected cheaper defenders ( Southampton, WBA, West Ham ) and used the bulk of their transfer budget on their forward line. The next step is to use your 2 or 3 transfers a week to swap between the forwards. If you’re constantly swapping out defenders and midfielders, you’re missing out on points. There will be occasions where you need to tweak your defence and midfield, but you want to prioritise strikers every time. The top 10 forwards have scored an average of 53 points each. The top 10 midfielders have managed an average of 45 points.

What should you do next… Firstly, don’t make any early transfers. Let whatever players you have play. If your defence consists of Man Utd, Chelsea and Manchester City players, you might need to consider a bit of a swap around. This can’t happen overnight sadly. Swapping out these expensive defenders will free up the funds to get the big hitting forwards in. Then you need to study the fixtures a bit, it’s boring but worth it.

This is a very rough guide for the next 5 GW’s.

GW 11 – Try and sort your team out so you can bring in Aguero/Negredo. Hopefully you already have Suarez or Sturridge. Try to keep your Liverpool forwards as they play first in GW 12.

GW 12 – Liverpool forward out, Giroud in. City forwards out, Man United forwards in.

GW 13 – Giroud and Man Utd forwards out, but try and keep at least one Man Utd forward. Liverpool ( Priority ) and Man City forwards in.

GW 14 – Liverpool forwards out, Tottenham or Man City forwards in. Due to how the fixtures fall, use the other transfers to tweak other areas of your team.

GW 15 – Man Utd forward out, Liverpool forward in. Liverpool and Tottenham forwards out. Benteke and Giroud in.

This is just a brief guide on how you could choose to do things. Obviously injuries, rotation and suspensions will occur. If you can try and stick to this sort of format going forward, it will help in the long run, trust me… The golden rule is to always let your players play before transferring them out. Planning ahead really helps.

Defender wise, I would look at players from Arsenal, Stoke and Swansea. I wouldn’t get rid of any Southampton, West Ham or Everton defenders unless you have to though. It still makes sense to rotate your forwards, even though the latter 3 clubs have a difficult 5 games ahead of them.

A lot of midfielders are pretty obvious choices. Ozil, Ramsey, Toure, Silva, Oscar and Hazard are all on form. If Hazard bothers to turn up for training… If you’re looking at cheaper options, consider Brady, Amalfitano, Januazj, Arnautovic and Lallana. Again, focus should be on your forwards.

A bit to take in, there always is when I write something… I hope this helps some of you. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer on how to play this fantastic game. You can simply follow the advice of the great one, ‘Sir James Dash’ and go with your gut…

Good luck in GW 11 and beyond.

This post was written by FiT Admin