Gameweek 5 blog by ‘FiT Admin’

September 21, 2012 8:54 am

We have given our FiT Coaches a week off from sharing all their tips and tricks, so in their place is a blog written by the elusive FiT Admin, with the focus this week being to give you all a bit of insight into who’s been doing what in the game since the start of the season.

After an electric start to the season, especially for points scoring, last weekend was a bit of a let down for a lot of people. After RVP’s hat-trick against Southampton and Manchester United also playing the last fixture in GW3, 28% of iTeams had RVP and 21% had Kagawa cued up, with 13% setting RVP as captain. Neither played from the start and there was some shuffling of iTeams around 2.15pm on Saturday when the line-ups came out.

Chelsea’s misfiring was the source of a lot of people’s frustrations, with 35% having Hazard and 16% including Torres in their line-ups. With Manchester City, Tottenham and Arsenal all conceded an annoying single goal to wipe out those clean sheet points, it was the icing on the nasty tasting cake for a lot of Managers.

Not a lot of managers made the 55 point marker either in GW4, with only 635 iTeams making the grade to get that manager rep increase.  The overall winner of GW4 scored 79 points, this total would have finished 156th in GW3.

So in summary GW4 was rubbish for lot of managers.  This week you can shuffle your packs a little more with the the extra transfer, while the fact the ‘big’ teams are not all playing at the same time gives everyone more options to change in between fixtures this week.

That said, 20% of you have already made mid-week transfers presumably to ship out some deadwood or injured players.  It’s always wise to wait to make your changes if you can, and try and do them in between fixtures at the weekend. That is unless you are competing for the Rich List when making early changes can get you a player at a much cheaper price before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.

In terms of FiT Leaderboards, we are starting to see some familiar faces emerge.  James Dash, last years World Champion, is back on top with his ‘Fulham’ iTeam on a massive 322 points.  Those who try to tell us FiT is all about luck can’t really argue with the fact it also requires a certain amount of skill, you only need to look at the Top 20 and check the Managers trophy cabinets to see most of them are serial achievers.  While a special mention has to go out to Kit Johnson who is leading the RoW & Under-18’s Championship on 320 points, that tally would place him 2nd in the overall competition.

We will leave you with some stats to mull over, good luck to everyone this weekend.

Most Popular Players
1. Hazard – 35%
2. Michu – 33%
3. Tevez – 29%
4. RVP – 28%
5. Ben Arfa – 26%
6. Fellaini – 24%
7. Baines – 21%
8. Toure – 20%
9. Cazorla – 18%
10. Ivanovic – 17%

Biggest PlayerDAQ Movers

1. Michu – £5.6m -> £6.7m
2. Tevez – £9.9m -> £11m
3. Hazard – £8.3m -> £9.2m
4. Fellaini – £5.7m -> £6.5m
5. RVP – £10.8m -> £11.6m

1. Aguero – £10.7m -> £10.1m
2. Rooney – £11.1m -> 10.7m
3. Carroll – £9.0m -> £8.6m
4. Sturridge – £8.7m -> 8.3m
5. Hernandez – £9.7m -> 9.3m

Biggest Average Points Mini League (only public listed and with more than 10 iTeams)

1. FiT 5 A Side – Andrew Dengate – 210 points
2. The Heavy Boyz – Sean Slater – 191 points
3. V2500 PREMIER LEAGUE – Paddy Ritchie – 188 points
4. NET Championship – Del Boy – 186 points
5. Ropewalk League 2012/13 – Martyn Drakeford – 185 points

This post was written by FiT Admin