Gameweek 9 Preview By Richard Easterbrook

October 24, 2013 4:45 pm

I love the description on the FantasyIteam blog “written by our Fantasy Football experts”. It brings a smile to my face, then a quick switch to the app and reality hits home as I look at my ever faltering teams. But all is not lost! It’s only game week nine!

Ok, so I’d started game week one with a team in the top 30, 2 in the top 50, granted at this point my best team is only in 578th place but I have a plan! A plan I will share and maybe make you all think a little outside the box. The season starts today!

So today’s blog isn’t aimed at the high rollers, so James Dash, Alan Davey, Super Gaz and the rest of you, you know who you are, please leave the room!

Now they’ve all gone we can get down to the nitty gritty. First things first! How many of you get to the end of the game week, look at your team and think it looks rubbish? Well if it looks rubbish then in my experience it generally is. I.E Asda smart price beans! Now that’s where most of my teams are at right now! They are all a bit tangy and leave a nasty smell in the room. The times when it doesn’t my teams tend to do ok. So now I’m contemplating looking a bit more at players rather than fixtures.

I’ve judged my transfers on predicting the results of games, then selecting the form players from those teams. It’s just not working. Signing Vertonghen for Game week 7 when Spurs had a home banker with West Ham! You all know how that ended. Then game week 8 I thought United might begin a challenge at home to Southampton. I guess that’s why the Betfred take my money.

I would like to refer back to last week’s blog by the effervescent Mr Bennables. I will be nice to him as he is having a season like me and will be still reading this! I hope! I took some great information from his blog. Get Arsenal players in as the bonus is they play first next week. Genius, with the added incentive that the following week they play late so you can take them out and put them back in again. I call this the hokey-cokey effect. Like I’m sure you all do?

So I’m sure we are all at the same point with our teams riddled with Arsenal players? Looking at the fixtures this week’s transfers should almost do themselves. Sundays kick off Spurs at home to Hull, take your pick from the line ups! It’s got 4-0 written all over it, clean sheet, assists and goals all over the place! Hold on…… That’s what I thought last time!

First things first, go to your team click on each player and scroll down to their current form. If it reads 8,2,5,2,10 then they are a keeper (Giroud) if it reads 1,-1,0,0,7 then maybe it’s time to say goodbye(Coleman). 7 points in 5 game weeks is a poor return but we all believe he’s having a good season and keep him in. Go through your team and dump your donuts. Do it this week. Don’t wait so you can swap Giroud for Suarez to Saldado. This is the week for a fresh start.

The season is unravelling itself nicely now so I’m going to give you my top 5 players to dump out of your team and top 5 to get in. If you have none of these dumping players please refer to my comment in the 3rd paragraph, if you already have my top 5 then…… Well done smart Alec!

Top 5 dumpers

Szcezeny (5 points in 5 games)

Ivanovic (11 points in 5 games)

Mata (10 points in 5 games)

Fellani (6 points in 5 games)

Torres (who still has him in there team!)

So, fairly obvious but I selected players with a high value so you could reinvest the money and develop your team.

Top 5 transfers in

1) Boruc (With matches against Fulham, Stoke and Hull coming up)

It would be too easy to put the rest of the Southampton back 4 in so I will give you other options

2) Rangel (With matches against West Ham, Cardiff, Stoke and Fulham)

3) Ramsey (If he’s not in your team now, there’s no hope!)

4) Brady (Back from injury and only 4.8m! A gem)

5) Remy (35 points in 5 games. Sunderland next game)

Hopefully if you are dumping your cheap players these may help slip in your team without too much pain. Saturday starts the rest of the season for us stragglers! You can genuinely hit some form with a bit of luck and get right back in the mix.

See you all in the top 100 by game week 12

Richard Easterbrook

This post was written by FiT Admin