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August 23, 2013 7:53 am

Hi Guys! 

Well the footballs back, but more importantly FiT is back!

It’s seemed like a long summer with no World Cup or Euros to watch, but don’t forget the World Cup is back next year, along with the integrated FiT World Cup and Champions League!

But for now, it’s the Premier League which is promising to be one of the closest fought title-races in history. 

Last year saw James Dash prove that this football management lark is not about luck when he retained his crown so it goes to show, you need to put the effort in!


1. Plan transfers for the next 2 weeks at least (even if they may get changed through injuries etc.)

2. Try to keep an eye on injuries and suspensions as they happen so that you can transfer those players out the same week and not waste a transfer on the following week

3. ALWAYS make sure you have 14 players playing every week if you really want a chance of having a top team (except for the odd unforeseen injury etc) so don’t put a player in just because he’s on the team sheet if you don’t think he’s guaranteed to start the following week!

I’ll be honest and admit that I have broken all these rules quite regularly even after years of playing the game, but that’s what makes the difference between my trophy cabinet and that of the Dashman or many of the other top managers!

Anyways, on to this week’s games:

Fulham v Arsenal

    Arsenal have a point to prove after last week’s result. Fulham don’t seem to have much to offer this year so I can see a few goals for Arsenal in this game, although I’m not really sure where from?!? And being the first game, you shouldn’t have too much chance to transfer anyone in for this game

Everton v West Brom

      West Brom have actually looked good for a while now but Everton should be too much for them. Maybe depending on if Manchester United targets Baines and Fellaini will be playing though!

Hull city v Norwich

     This game doesn’t interest me at all from a Fantasy football point of view to be honest.

Newcastle v West Ham

       Both teams have plenty to offer and although Newcastle got thumped by Man City, at times they looked dangerous. Ben Arfa is going to be a quality player this year and Nolan, Jarvis and Carroll could prove to be a great trio this year

Southampton v Sunderland 

      Not a lot to get excited by here. Lambert could be worth a punt at some points this year and I can see him possibly making the difference against a very hit and miss Sunderland side

Stoke v Crystal Palace

     I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Palace but I know Stoke are only heading one way at the moment, and without some drastically good management and an influx of cash I can see Palace finishing above them this year and this game maybe the start.

Aston Villa v Liverpool

    Well, with Benteke on a flyer, he may be the one to watch again in this game. Don’t forget the villa don’t play in game week 3 so although he may be a good choice again, make sure you get rid after! Liverpool’s Sturridge is also going to be hot property this year, even after Suarez’s return. Gerrard is always a good bet as the penalty taker also!

Cardiff v Man City

     After a poor start from Cardiff, I definitely can’t see things getting better this week for them. Personally, I think Man City are gonna thump them. Expecting plenty of goals as they try to prove a point to Chelsea and United and hope they can gain 2 points on both their title rivals. Wait for the team sheet though as I wouldn’t want to guess any City team sheet this year!

Tottenham v Swansea 

    Tottenham looked good in their first game and I bet everyone’s annoyed by not being able to put bale in their teams for the time being. I can’t see him playing again this week and with the possible new signings, it looks like he’s on his way! Swansea looked good despite their score line against United! Soldado looks like a good player and has fitted in quickly, Michu looked likes good bet again for the year and I think Lennon has finally stepped up also.

Manchester United v Chelsea

    The game of the week by a mile for spectators, but not so much for fantasy football. Robin Van Persie shines in the big matches and I think Rooney will play upfront with him under the new manager but we all know how good Mourinho is tactically and they’re not short of cracking players. Expect Chelsea to rule the midfield but United will be more lethal in the final third. Could go either way but I don’t see a clean sheet happening for either team. Dont forget Chelsea aren’t playing the following week either!

Good luck all of you and if it’s not going to plan yet, I really wouldn’t worry.  With the double game week etc, you really won’t be able to tell until game week 5!

Thanks for listening to my waffle anyway and enjoy the game!



This post was written by FiT Admin