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May 2, 2013 12:33 pm

It’s been reported that FIT favourite Fernando Torres earns £200,000 per week, which after goal and assists bonuses is about £200,000 a week.

On a lighter note, Suarez has started his ten match ban for biting Ivanovich… Football finally reaches its finest hour.

He will attend the Professional Footballers Awards Dinner tonight…or as he calls it ‘all you can eat buffet’

As the season draws nearer to a close, thoughts of a summer without the FIT buzz begin to fill me with fear, even more than having to make ‘conversation’ with the Mrs on a Saturday.

Still it’s been another great season with FIT, with the introduction of new FIT coaches adding variety and experience to the game, along with the new app updates, the game is constantly evolving and improving.

Gameweek 35


Manchester United suffered a slight champions hangover conceding an early goal to a rejuvenated Arsenal, Walcott the player on hand to score his 12th goal of the season,.. Cancelled out by an RVP strike just before half time.

Manchester City console themselves relinquishing the Champions title by beating West Ham 2.1 at home, with a fine strike by a fit again Aguero, two assists by Nasri will boost his Fit value.

Reading v QPR turned out to be a dire 0.0 game played by two teams whose premiership status finally vanished.

Bales importance to Tottenham again showed through as Spurs struggled in a 2.2 draw against a resilient Wigan.

Lampard given a start from the bench after an early injury to Oscar doesn’t disappoint as he scores a penalty and creates an assist in Chelsea’s 2.0 win over Swansea.

A fine hat-trick by one of the players of the season Benteke, will help Aston villas survival hopes as they thrash Sunderland 6.1… Sessegnons red card will affect a lot of FIT managers this week also.

A rare goal this season by Charlie Adam, assisted by Crouch help Stoke to a much needed home win against a fading Norwich.

Liverpool step up to the mark also with a fine 6.0 demolition of Newcastle, showing no signs of missing Suarez with Henderson and Sturrage taking over the scoring mantle.

Gameweek 36

A bonus game-week ahead for shrewd FIT managers will see many of their players in action twice, as we gear up for Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Swansea, Wigan and WBA in a double Gameweek, could it be a record scoring week?

Captains choices will be critical this week I feel as we near the end of the season.

Obvious favourites will be Michu, Bale, Defoe, Matta, Tevez, Agureo, Lukuku…. Certain players are a gamble considering clubs rotation policies… Ba and Torres being in this category.

Chelsea & Tottenham play early next week, so these players may be a good option if you have the ability to transfer players in early this Gameweek.

A lot of managers now are grasping the game well, and are managing their teams with great knowledge and skill, full respect to the Dashman who currently leads the world Championship for the second season.


1. Don’t just rely on the most expensive players; there is quality and points in lower ranked players

2. When asked what steps to take in case of a fire.. Bloody big ones is an acceptable response.

3. Plan ahead at least two Gameweeks to fully benefit.

4. Always poo at work, not only are you saving money on toilet paper, you will also be getting paid for it as well.

5. Avoid expensive car re-sprays, simply cover your car in cling film spray and peel off when bored of colour.

6. Transfer in players as late as possible; always wait for team sheets on twitter or newsfeed if possible

7. If you have a bad Gameweek don’t be disappointed, the season is long and you will have time to make up ground.

8. Do not be hasty in accepting a h2h challenge, check the Gameweek you are committing to, and to see if this will affect your next transfer purchases.

9. My granddad gave me some great advice on his deathbed. ‘It’s worth spending money on good speakers’ he told me.

10. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens – Jimmi Hendrix.

Yours in FIT

Mr Bennables.

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