Real-time Transfer Guide

July 26, 2017 7:00 am Transfer Guide

Each Gameweek (there are 38 in our EPL competition) your iTeam is allocated a fixed number of transfer credits – 2 free transfers with the option of purchasing a maximum of 1 additional transfer. Making transfers is an integral part of the game, and can mean the difference between scoring many or few points.

Transfer Guide

A massively important part of our game to get your head around is how to best use your transfers, as it’s is different from any other Fantasy Football game out there. If you use your transfers wisely, you will have at least 13 point scoring players playing each Gameweek.

You can make changes to your iTeam in-between fixtures. As long as the player is in your iTeam lineup at a game’s scheduled kick off time, you will get his points.

You also retain ALL points scored by the player transferred out. For example:

Based on Gameweek 1 fixtures – you could have Sadio Mane in your iTeam for the 12:30 kick off on Saturday, then transfer him out whilst Liverpool are playing, say 13:30, and still receive his points for the rest of the game. You could transfer in, say Kevin De Bruyne, and with Manchester City playing at 17:30 on the same day, he’d also score points for your team. If both Mane and De Bruyne grab a goal apiece, that will be 16 points scored!

Scheduled Transfers

With our unique transfer system we needed a unique way for you to make your transfers, and you’re going to love it! Scheduled transfers enables you to buy and sell players without the need to be anywhere near your device at the time of the transfer going through. This will be of great help if you:

  • Work whilst the matches are on
  • Live abroad (or are on holiday) and hate setting your alarm for the early hours of the morning
  • If you love trips to the garden centre at the weekend (who doesn’t)
  • If you’re at a match yourself with no phone signal
  • If you run multiple teams and struggle to make all your transfers in good time
  • If you’re forgetful, or simply too busy around game time
  • If you want to make your transfer at the last possible second without worrying about it going through too late – see below
  • My favourite, no copying!!! No one can see your Scheduled Transfers until AFTER they have gone through. Which will be too late for anyone to copy them
  • It’s not just transfers that can be scheduled, you can also schedule your captain pick
  • And all the above would be useless without this – you can cancel them any time before they go through

For more details, check out our in-app help section – it explains how to make transfers, how to change formation, transfer rules and also includes the full transfer schedule for the tournament.

Good Luck!

This post was written by Fantasy iTeam