Rob Wright brings EPL focus back after the break

September 13, 2012 1:00 pm

Wow! What a first month we have had on FiT EPL 12/13. There have a been a few great scores from players you might not expect, for example, Ivanovic, Dyer, McAuley and Jenkinson have all scored well. Hazard and Tevez are second and third in the points table but it’s the virtually unknown Michu stealing all the headlines. Well done to anybody that got him right from the beginning, he has been the FiT stand-out player this month, scoring a massive 33 points in just 3 games. Also his team-mates in the Swansea defence and midfield have been bang on form, so it’s been a good month for all you Swans fans and also any Manager with those players in their iTeam.

Gameweek 3 saw the first hat-trick of the season from RVP, (he also had the luxury of missing a penalty and getting away with it, although, I’m sure Sir Alex had a few words to say about it). Also it was the return to first team football for Andy Carroll after his switch from Liverpool to West Ham, he had a very good game up until his injury, but if he can return with that kind of form he could be a very valuable player for both West Ham and FiT Managers this season. Arsenal continued their solid form with a good win over Liverpool, in defence they have been very strong so far and, if their new signings settle in over the next few weeks, will be very hard to beat.

So as we move into Gameweek 4 we take a look at who are the clubs / players to watch out for, and also potentially the ones to avoid.

The past 3 weeks have seen the top 5/6 clubs all kick off at different times, but Gameweek 4 is different as Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea all kick off at the same time on Saturday which poses a problem for Managers in making the decision of who to put up front. All teams on paper should come through games with a win but I would look to Arsenal and Man Utd for the bigger points, with Podolski, Cazorla, Kagawa and RVP to have big influences on their respective games again. Man City are away to an uncompromising Stoke side who are very strong at home so I can’t see this being a walkover for MC so if you’re thinking of leaving a striker out maybe this is the game to look at. Also Chelsea have a tricky away day at QPR – 2 weeks ago you would have said The Blues should come through that game fairly easily, but with their new signings QPR could cause a few problems.

If your iTeam is a bit short on funds this week then look for some bargains, even though his value has risen over £1m since the start of the season, at £6.6 million Michu will surely have something to say against Aston Villa this week. Also Sunderland’s Steven Fletcher at £8m is a good bet to carry on from his 2 goals last week, against a Liverpool side who have been unpredictable in early season. Slow starting Spurs have a winnable game, away at Reading who have not played for over 3 weeks after their cancelled game at Sunderland – so it will be very interesting to see how they are prepared for Sunday’s game. With this in mind, Dempsey is looking for his first start of the season (value at £7.7m) but even better at only £6m is Dembele who started his Spurs career with a goal and will look for this to continue on Sunday.

The biggest value for me this week though are Everton players, not just in face value, but for the fact that they are last up this week and more importantly first up in Gameweek 5, which gives you the perfect opportunity to use your subs in the most strategic way possible. For example, putting Fellaini or Baines in your iTeam for the Newcastle game will give you much needed end of week points but also give you the opportunity to maximize your choice of subs for GW5 as they have an early kick off against Swansea.

For Captains this week there are numerous choices, because as you know the big guns have very winnable games, so the likes of RVP, Poldolski, Torres, and Tevez will be used a lot, but if you’re after a little value and fancy taking a risk, then maybe have a look at Cazorla, Adebayor, or Kagawa who if they start should have very influential weeks.


I may not be the best person for this as I like to take risks, and the majority of Managers on here will tell you not to take risks as over the course of the season, you will lose more than you win, and in fairness they are probably right… BUT if you take calculated risks and use them at the right time they will pay off for you. Don’t be a sheep, follow your own gut feelings, you won’t win anything by following the crowd.

Plan ahead……….You have all looked at the Match Centre I’m sure, but have you looked 2 or 3 weeks ahead, you may think it will great to get Baines in one week, but then find his next 3 games are against MU, MC, and Chelsea and it’s not always easy to get a quality sub back in. The top Managers on FiT will have 90% of their subs sorted for at least 2 weeks ahead.

Use the quick links that have been set up, for those who don’t know, these can be found if you click on the little cross at the top right of the main page. This will bring up a shortcut page > at the bottom you will see ‘Links’ > click here and it will bring up all the quick links > press the + next to the one you want and it will save to your main page. I use PhysioRoom all the time for injuries.

Get involved…..if you’re not in a Mini League get in one, this is the best way of becoming a better Manager as you will pick up more tricks of the game and also it’s fun, have some banter about the week’s games or just random chat. Find a league that’s right for you and you will enjoy the whole FiT experience so much more. 

I look forward to seeing you all challenging for MOTM and MOTW and also trying to knock Mr Dash of that shiny new perch that the FiT gods gave him after winning last year’s FiT World Championship. (Not that I’m bitter or anything).

All The Best Fellow Managers,

Rob Wright

This post was written by FiT Admin