Scoring Guide

June 29, 2015 3:05 pm Scoring Guide

In our game, points are updated live, so make sure to check out how your iTeam is doing when matches are being played. We award points for the following:

All players

Starting Line-up


Substitute Appearance


Goal – GK and DEF


Goal – Midfielders


Goal – Forwards




Sending off


For every 2 saves made



Captains score the same points as regular players, but their points are doubled.

Goalkeepers and Defenders

Clean Sheet


Goal conceded



Penalty Goal Saved


Penalty Missed


Points are only awarded during Premier League games for EPL iTeams, Champions League games for CL iTeams and European Domestic games for ESL iTeams.

Captain Pick

  • Make sure you select a captain each week, that player will score you double points for the Gameweek. A captain can be set at any time during the Gameweek, as long as it is before the game’s scheduled kick off time.
  • If your captain hasn’t yet played and you don’t want to captain him any more, go to the captain select screen and click on him to de-select him. This is useful if you plan to captain a player that you have not yet transferred in. You can also captain a player that you have scheduled to bring in from the captain select screen.
  • The double points bonus also applies to negative actions. For example: if your captain misses a penalty, he will receive -6 points.

For more details, check out our in-app help section – it explains the rules regarding Clean Sheets, Assists and what happens during extra time and penalties for Champions League matches.

This post was written by Fantasy iTeam