Super Don’s humble look at GW9 and predictions for GW10 action

November 2, 2012 8:38 am

Gameweek 9 –

Never has a week that promised so much delivered so little!

Not just for me but for the majority of other Fantasy iTeam managers too. 82 points secured the Manager of the Week trophy, and a mere 67 points was enough to secure a weekly win and the yellow rosette in the 1,000 strong UK mini league, both good indications that GW9 was a tough week!

Super Don’s route to spectacular failure in GW9

In GW8, I laid the foundations for an attack on the GW9 Manager of the Week trophy, bringing in Bent for Villas game at West Brom, I wasn’t expecting too much from him here, a goal or assist would’ve been a bonus. My think was that with Villa playing first in GW9 it would increase my transfer options so I could cover Mancini’s ever changing forward line and make sure I get a starting Man City forward when they fill their boots for their home banker with Swansea. Podolski was also purchased for Arsenals trip to Norwich, a massive fail there too, but he was a sure starter for their home game with QPR in GW9… can you see where I went wrong yet?!?!

Bent started on the bench in GW9 and Podolski failed to score against QPR – not to worry… Plan B swings into action and out goes Bent and in comes Aguero, another fail. All this coupled with transferring out the injured Zabaleta for the soon to be injured Kolarov was just too much!…  and that your honour, is the case for defence in relation to the hole in the plaster caused by the flying iPhone!

I do have several teams on Fantasy iTeam, none of them did much better in GW9. I staged a few mini recoveries on Sunday with the likes of Suarez, Ba, Bale, Mata, RVP all picking up good points. Just when things were picking up, Mark Clattenburg, who seemed to have inside information on my iTeams, struck and cost me a small fortune in my h2h’s by sending off Ivanovic and Torres… It’s enough to drive you crazy at times, but this is why we all love FiT and we’re all going to bounce back in GW10, right?

Please consider all the above before taking my thoughts on GW10 seriously!

Gameweek 10 –

First up, 12:45, Manchester United v Arsenal at Old Trafford. This is going to be an home win, honest, RVP will score, and if Rooney doesn’t he’ll pick up an assist. I never fancy United for a clean sheet, but they are always capable of scoring more than they concede… If you have RVP in your team you’ve got to give some serious consideration to captaining him for this one. Note that Arsenal are up first again in GW11, I’d try to resist transferring their players out if at all possible otherwise it’ll cost you a transfer if you want to get them back in for their home game with Fulham where they’re bound to go goal crazy!

Saturday 3PM fixtures;

Fulham vs Everton – honestly? I’ve no idea! If I was pushed I’d go score draw, Berbatov, Duff, and Riise are scoring well for Fulham. Everton have what looks like a kind set of fixtures coming up, so Jelavic, Fallaini, and Baines will be players I’m consider bringing in for GW10… if I have the funds…which means I’ll probably end up with Mirallas, Neville and Distin!

Norwich vs Stoke – Norwich have found some form, Stoke are defending well… 0-0 or 1-1 is my guess. Stoke are another team that have a kind run of fixtures coming up, they don’t score many but are sound defensively and their defenders are good value, as is midfielder Micheal Kighlty, 30 points so far this season and just 4.9m, definitely one to consider if you’re struggling for funds and want to try to juggle RVP into your team.

Sunderland vs Aston Villa – Again, wrong I know and Dr Paul Watson will hate me for this but I have no interest in this fixture, both teams never seem to score many and we all want goals as fantasy football managers. Sunderland may pick up a clean sheet like they did in GW9, and Fletcher might have another shot and goal, apart from that I’ll not be bothering… so fill your boots here!

Swansea vs Chelsea – Here we go, Michu! Bless you… Thank you… 9 games, 6 goals, 1 assist, 57 points, and the top scoring midfielder on fantasy iteam, still a bargain at 7.1m.Wayne Routledge, 8 games, 2 goals, 4 assists, 41 points, less prolific, less greedy, but a still bargain at 5.7m. Swansea did well at Man City in GW9 but they’ll be no match for a Chelsea team stinging from that crushing defeat to Man United last weekend. Torres and Ivanovic are both available and should play, Mata is on top form, Hazard is always dangerous, Oscars a bargain, Cahill should start while Terry is suspended, all good transfers right now. Please remember though, Chelsea play last vs Liverpool in GW11, if you bring these players in you do limit GW11 transfers slightly next GW.

Spurs vs Wigan –  Get on Bale, Dempsey, Defoe as Spurs will win this one. I’d consider captaining any of those, they won’t let you down, you have Rob Wrights word on it. Can they keep a clean sheet though? Probably not! Another reminder, and I’m only saying this as I wouldn’t transfer out Rooney or RVP if you have them in your teams right not unless you can get them back in for GW11, Spurs play later than Man United in GW11 so keep that in mind.

West Ham vs Man City – This is the late kick off on Saturday and I’m predicting a home win. Man City have been picking up lucky wins by the odd goal recently but their luck is going to run out in spectacular style as they sink to a 2-0 away defeat at Upton Park. There’s no chance of Tevez scoring here, Aguero will have another shocker, Balotelli will come on and see red over a tackle from Nolan, well, this is what I overheard from a butcher while I was buying some sausages yesterday. Personally, I would consider bring in Aguero and Tevez, they do have some easier fixtures than this one coming up in November, whether they’ll play two consecutive games is the big question. Kolarov is out for Man City but Zabelate could be back, that’s typical!

This leaves 3 games, QPR v Reading, Liverpool vs Newcastle on Sunday and West Brom vs Southampton on Monday night. I fancy them all as home wins and if I’ve got any transfers left I’d consider bringing in QPR, Reading, or Southampton players to set myself up nicely for an all-out attack on the GW11 manager of the week trophy, just as I did in GW8… Will I ever learn?

That’s it from me, please don’t take the above to seriously, I’m no expert on this stuff but love trying!

Transfers – We’re 9 weeks into the season now and most of you that are new to the app have got the hang of making the most of your transfers now, but some of you continue to blow all your transfers at 4pm when the new GW starts, you really need to re-think your tactics there, it is costing you points, trust me!

H2H’s – Try to play someone every week, you could increase your iTeam bank balance and make signing the likes of RVP easier, winning H2H’s is also a good way of increasing your manager reputation. A tip here is to try to find one of the above who has blown all his transfers, wrong I know, but you’re doing them a favour as they need to learn!

Godfather League, pin 10804 – 1,800 F/c on offer every month, plus Novembers top 10 win FiT t-shirts… See you there!

This post was written by FiT Admin