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It’s here – The Final Gameweek

May 8, 2014 2:56 pm

The 13/14 Premier League winner will be decided this Sunday. Manchester City only need to draw against West Ham to secure the title. Liverpool could still swoop in and land it for themselves –  a win vs Newcastle, and a loss for Manchester City, would see them crowned champions instead. All 10 EPL games kick off at 3pm. At the other end of the league everything is pretty much done and dusted. For Norwich to perform the greatest ever escape, they would need to win about 17-0 and West Brom would need to lose. It’s not going to happen! So,...

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One More Title Twist? By Gregg Livingstone

May 1, 2014 9:45 am

Hi guys, So, it’s the penultimate gameweek and with the champions and relegated teams still undecided it really has been one of the best seasons in years. Manchester City play Everton, and a win for City would give them a giant advantage towards the title. If they slip up then Liverpool could take advantage and Chelsea could still sneak in and pinch it. All very exciting! With any of the bottom 8 still in the relegation mix, the lower end of the table is just as exciting. Remember guys that 6 teams play twice this gameweek so be sure to...

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It’s Tight at the Top by Gregg Livingstone

January 31, 2014 12:25 pm

Hi dudes, gameweek 24 is upon us and it’s tight at the top of the FiT world championship. Topping the league is Super Don with 1678 points, that’s an impressive average of 72.9 points per gameweek. In second is the legend James Dash with 1672 points and third is Mark Cowles with 1648. Just check out the trophy cabinets of these 3 FiT veterans ……incredible!! With my top team totalling 1366 points, that’s an average of 59.3 points per week. I have a lot to do in the remaining months. Luis Suarez remains the top points scorer overall. 22 goals...

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Dashman’s Words of Wisdom

January 10, 2014 11:45 am

Hi All Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and a memorable New Year. I also hope the relations didn’t get in the way of the football too much! So we are now more than half way through the season and these are a few things we now know:- Man Utd are not going to win the league. Man Utd will struggle to finish in the top 4. Suarez should be captain every week. Fulham are going to get relegated and/or West Ham. Rotation is rubbish. Holding mid-fielders are pointless in the fantasy world. Kevin Nolan is mental. The FA cup...

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Lots of Football, Lots of FiT By Mr Bennables

December 19, 2013 10:47 am

When my nine year old nephew asked me if I wanted a game of football, I took the dubious risk of dusting off my 20 year old Adidas Beckenbauer’s, after doing a couple of strained stretches and one squat, the little bugger shouted at me from his bedroom that he had loaded FIFA on the playstation!…….hmm…. Times have certainly changed….FIT managers of a certain age will remember when, football was played anywhere, anytime with anything, game consoles didn’t register, Ten rules we then used. 1. The fattest one is always the goalkeeper. 2. The kid who owns the ball decides...

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The FiT Godfather Brings You Some Stats.

December 5, 2013 3:37 pm

The other coaches are too kind. They hold your hand and give away all their tips. You lucky, lucky people. I am not so kind. I will supply you with the information, you can do the rest. All the stats are based on the Season so far. Enjoy. Player Stats: Attempts on Goal 1) Aguero 552) Suarez 523) Giroud 484) Townsend 455) Rooney 43 Attempts on Goal ( Defenders ) 1) Kolarov 202) Chico/Ivanovic 163) Terry 134) Baines/Davies/Walker/Santon/Lovren/Debuchy 135) Coleman/Huth/Shawcross 11 Chances Created 1) Gerrard 342) Ozil 333) Hazard 324) Nasri 315) Rooney 28 Attempted Crosses 1) Ward-Prowse 1062) Downing...

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Rob Wright’s Top 5s

November 21, 2013 3:24 pm

As some of you may or may not know, I love my stats and there is a lot to go through over the last 11 weeks, I’m not going to sit here and bore you with everything that I have figured out over that time, but what I will give you is a little information about how to pick the best players and what to look for in your team.   My dad used to say to me that in football you start at the back and work forward, In my experience with Fantasy Football it works exactly the other...

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Gameweek 11 Preview By Alan Davey

November 7, 2013 5:15 pm

GW 11- 15 Advice… The weeks are flying by… After the international break we have football galore. There have been plenty of high scoring weeks so far this season. An average gameweek score of 66 points is the current requirement if you want to be in the top 100. The overall leader, Dean McClean, has averaged 73 points, that is simply outstanding. It’s still early days though, everything can and will change. The difference between 100th and 1st is just 7 points per GW… It doesn’t sound like much does it? It’s not always about massive weekly scores. Don’t panic,...

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Are You Ready For GW10? By Andy Dengate

October 31, 2013 3:35 pm

Hey you guys, I’ve just moved house & went to B&Q to stock up on coal & shizzle for my open fire (never had one before, little bit excited) and I’ve realised something … you don’t look at the mantel piece while poking the fire!! Let’s look at last week’s games… Palace losing to Arsenal was expected, Szczesny survives another week in my iTeam after only claiming his second clean sheet of the season. Giroud scores his 5th goal showing why his value is rising. Everton keeping a clean sheet after Benteke missing a penalty & Howard scoring an impressive...

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