The Biggest Gameweek Ever!!!

March 6, 2014 4:48 pm

Obviously I’m not talking about this week, as we only have 5 games to look forward to and we don’t have a single EPL game to watch on Sunday. The upside of all this is the fact we have the biggest gameweek ever coming up – check out GW31!

The following teams will play twice:

Manchester United
Manchester City
West Ham

So why am I talking about GW31 when we’re only in GW29? The answer is we need to prepare, and we need to start NOW!

GW29 Strategy

How many of us own 2-3 Tottenham players? If you do, you’re going to have to go against the golden rule and take players out before they’ve played. Tottenham play last this week, last next week and very late the week after, so if you want to maximise the double GW you need to start dumping them.

If you have any Tottenham defenders, Paulinho or Eriksen, get rid this week. You can transfer in players from either Chelsea or Man Utd – players from Chelsea aren’t a bad shout as they have an easy fixture in GW30 and they play first in GW31. RvP and Rooney are obvious picks and Mata is a no brainer. If you need a Man U defender then Evra is the only one I’d consider.

GW30 Strategy ( Bonus transfer week )

A lot of you will still have Adebayor at this point, and some of you crazy foooools might even own Soldado! Again, sadly you need to make a transfer before the player has played – it’s time for Man City to come back into our lives! The obvious choice is Aguero, but you may already own RvP/Rooney, and you might want to have the SaS upfront for the DGW. If that’s the case, then Toure, Silva and Nasri are the best options.

Most of us will also own some Southampton or Norwich players, you can let them play before taking them out. Now it’s decision time – you can use your 3 remaining transfers ( assuming you use ET’s ) to bring in players from Liverpool or Arsenal, as you shouldn’t really need any more from Man Utd. Liverpool have the better DGW fixtures, so I will be going with the SaS, Skrtel and then either Gerrard or Coutinho. However, the likes of Mertesacker, Cazorla and Giroud, might be the differentials you need if you’re chasing or just want to do something a little different.

GW31 Strategy

Unless something has gone very wrong, you should still own at least 2 Chelsea players, I will have 3. You can let them play against Arsenal and then transfer them out to bring in more Man City players. Why City? Well, you should already have enough Liverpool and Man Utd players in, you’ve also probably got either Baines or Coleman, some of you will own both, City also have more DGW’s on the horizon. At the time of writing this they haven’t had their other 2 games re-scheduled but having 3-4 of their players for the rest of the season should be a good thing.

If everything goes to play you will have 2/3 Chelsea and then 11 players playing twice in GW31… the only thing left to do is to decide who to Captain!!!

Alternative Strategy

There is no right and wrong with all this, you could go with the likes of Lukaku, Remy, Nolan or Adam Johnson. The only thing that I’d ask you to definitely do is to have a plan. With 15 games being played in just one week your season could take a massive turn for the better or for the worse.

There is one last thing to bare in mind, FA Cup replays… If there are a few draws this weekend then some teams may have their DGW fixture cancelled, if that happens then FiT will let us all know asap and we’ll just have to adapt.

Best of luck!

Donut out!

This post was written by FiT Admin