The Dashman Prepares for GW28

February 28, 2013 9:53 am

Hello All

Let’s start by having a quick look back at last week. The problem we all had was that Liverpool and Swansea didn’t play. Most managers had several of their players in their teams. So did you get rid of players from these 2 sides early, or wait until the line-ups for the weekend’s games came out? If your team was tight on money (like my main team) perhaps doing it early was best, as their value could drop by up to 0.2 mil (as in the case of Suarez), due to everyone selling them. But you had to be sure that the incoming player was going to play! There was a third option though; don’t get rid of them at all. Keep them in your side for this week when Liverpool and Swansea are playing again, and just use your transfers with your remaining players like any other week. You will still have the same number of players playing. This is a very good tip. Don’t just sell players because they aren’t playing in the current week! Perhaps keep them for next week.

Now on to this weekend’s games; the teams that are trying to grab the Champions League spots will surely play their best starting 11 every week. Man Utd won’t however as they have the league wrapped up already and will rest players with the Champions League in mind. Arsenal can’t afford this luxury. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to select players who are in good form, start each week and have a few easy fixtures coming up. Liverpool, Everton and Spurs teams hardly ever change much, so it’s a safe bet having their players in your side, and you can leave them in there knowing they will almost definitely play next week.  Fellaini, Bale (playing his last season for Spurs) and Mata are safe bets, as are Suarez, Gerrard and Michu. Arsenal players can always score big but can also flop depending on which Arsenal turn up so their players are generally more of a gamble (Walcott excluded). I’m not going to try and predict the results for this game week, but I’ve got a funny feeling there are going to be some upsets!

With about a third of the season left its worth giving yourself a few goals. Mine is simple, I  just want to keep my current league position! How hard can it be? To be good at FiT you not only have to know your football but have to be good at forward planning. You must plan your transfers with the up-and-coming games in mind and not just the current week. With this in mind I’ve compiled the following tips. 

1. Check the following week’s games. E.g. its FA cup week on the 9th of March so some teams won’t play. Also with Champions League games, Man Utd will rest players. Players may also get injured playing in the other Mickey Mouse European Cup thing.

2. If you’re trying to finish above someone close to you, try and have a similar team but make subtle changes to it to make the difference.

3. Always get as much information as possible about injuries to players. There are a few good sites on the “Add Shortcuts” page.

4. If you’re playing a H2H and its close and you need to win it then make your transfers as late as possible so your opponent can’t copy you!

5. Never give anyone all your tips.

6. Always have Bale in your side. (Sorry Alan)

7. Enjoy it! It’s only a game.

8. Don’t take big gambles. In the long run it doesn’t work. Stick with players who score points on a regular basis.

9. Use your extra transfers.

10. Don’t eat yellow snow.

One final point I’d like to make is that if you are currently in the top say 300 places in the main league then you are quite capable of winning the whole thing. Not this season maybe but next. All you need is a bit more luck, perhaps more teams to increase your odds and use all your extra transfers. They don’t cost that much and they make the game much more fun (Unless you used it to put in Stevie G and he goes and misses a pen!)

And one very final thing! Thanks again FiT for lasts years amazing prize, I’m taking the wife to Barcelona in Early April for 5 days with tickets near the half way line to watch them destroy Majorca and staying in a top hotel. Nice. Hope I get a good signal to make my transfers!

Yours in Football

The Dashman

This post was written by FiT Admin