The Dashman reviews GW11 and gives food for thought on GW12

November 15, 2012 4:01 pm

Firstly lets have a look back at game week 11. It is getting really hard to predict which teams will keep clean sheets, with only Stoke, Reading, Norwich and West Ham not conceding from any of the ten games. Not many managers will have Reading or Norwich defenders (or goalkeepers) in their sides, but Stoke and West Ham have now kept five clean sheets from their 11 games, which is the highest in the league. These defenders are fairly cheap and perhaps the way to go; as this means we will all have more money for mid-fielders and forwards.

I have to apologise to all West Ham fans as I remember saying in my last blog to stay away from all West Ham players. Perhaps I should have said, stay away from all West Ham players except Jaaskelainen, defenders and Kevin Nolan.

There were six games that kicked off at 3pm on the Saturday and some big name players who scored well including Giroud, Berbatov and Walcott from the Arsenal – Fulham game. Walcott will now surely start more games and I predict will score loads of points. Podolski perhaps isn’t a good long term buy as he isn’t really playing up front, but at times almost left back. Berbatov is class, will start every game and will always score goals. Get him in your side.

Everton won again and are looking really strong. The good thing about David Moyes is that he doesn’t rotate his team, so we can all bring in Everton players early and perhaps save a bit of money before players values rise, as opposed to waiting for the starting line ups before making transfers. Baines, Fellaini and now Jelavic will score well over the entire season.

Reading drew 0 – 0 with Norwich,…….who cares. Southampton drew 1 each with Swansea with Michu doing nothing. He is now scoring less points even though he is playing up front rather that in mid-field. Perhaps it’s time to get rid of him?

QPR are a waste of time and Stoke are, well, very boring and have the least attacking mid-field in the league. They tend to play with 3 holding mid-fielders and fullbacks who are banned from crossing the half way line! Having said that they do love a clean sheet. Not surprising really when they defend with 9 men behind the ball at all times!

The final 3pm Saturday kick off saw Wigan lose 2-1 to West Brom. Kone is the only Wigan player to consider having in your team and God only knows what to think of West Brom. Morrison scores points now he is playing in “the hole” (wherever this hole may be) and he is cheap. Long term though West Brom strikers won’t score enough and their defenders will do OK – but thats it.

So then came the 5.30pm saturday game, Man Utd at Villa. Most of us brought in and captained RVP. Only got one assist, but thats better than nothing. Rooney is now playing in mid-field, expensive and should be avoided. Hernandez stole the show and is now guaranteed to start next week according to Sir Alec. So if you need to make a transfer now, if one of your players is injured, bring him in!

On to Sunday and we start with Man City v Spurs. So Defoe scores a hat trick in the week and is then on the bench; well done AVB you plonker. With Man City almost out of Europe, Mancini will stop rotating so Aguero will start all of the time and he will score goals.

Finally we had Chelsea draw 1 each with Liverpool. No surprise Suarez scored. What is perhaps more surprising is that he didn’t get booked, which would see him get a 1 match ban. On that subject it’s worth pointing out that there are several players in the league on 4 yellow cards, so that’s worth checking before bringing them into your team. If they then get a further yellow they wouldn’t be playing the following week. Chelsea’s flair in midfield still is strong, so Mata, Hazard and Oscar will always improve your side. Torres just isn’t good enough and I think Chelsea will sign a big name striker in January.

What I’ve missed a game………Oh Yeah Newcastle verses West Ham. The mighty West Ham are on fire (not literally). I haven’t heard of most of their players but they do know how to defend. Get those defenders in your side. Kevin Nolan is God! Newcastle are turning into a mid table side and if Ba doesn’t play well they will struggle.

Reading back through Gaz’s blog from last week he predicted how game week 11 results would go. He got a few right and a few wrong. He was so close when he predicted Spurs would beat Man City 4 or 5 nil! If only Defoe had started.

Anyway on to this coming weekend. Arsenal play Spurs in the early kick off and obviously it will be 4 all. Now to the 3pm games. I think Liverpool, Man City will have big home wins, Newcastle will draw 1 each with Swansea. Chelsea will only draw at West Brom. Everton will beat Reading 2 nil. Don’t care about QPR’s game with Southampton (both will be relegated).

Man Utd then travel to Norwich for the late game and we will all put in RVP only for Hernandez to score a couple. Just the 1 game this Sunday, Fulham host Sunderland and Berbatov time! Finally it’s the game we’ve all been waiting for…….West Ham will smash Stoke to bits. Stoke will play their usual game and park the bus, Nolan will score and a clean sheet is a certainty! It’s a crime we have to wait until Monday night.

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