The Final Countdown

May 17, 2013 7:45 am

So the time has finally arrived……..

Our last day of the English…… Sorry the Barclays Premier league has arrived. As sad as that fact is in three short months it will be back and so will FiT!!! Imagine given a summer of contemplation the minor adjustments or big advancements that the big cheeses at FiT Towers will have for us next year!

I have personally really enjoyed the new league formats this year. Finishing in the top 40 in the Allstars and being kicked out of the KFC in week 20 have been real highlights, as you can imagine. Roll on next season for more humiliation!

Now after the forthcoming weekend we all have plenty of time to organise our new assault on the FiT World Championship, but for now we should all concentrate on the strange up and coming fixture list. Strange because all the games are played on the same day at the same time! 4pm Sunday for anyone who has been on another planet. So how can we best effectively use our transfers?

We have the opportunity to score with 11 players this week, so first things first anyone who’s rested, injured, suspended or sulking in the stands can be removed. If however, all of your players are playing it gives you the chance to swap and change to some in form players. Here are a few of my views which you can take on board or just ignore, I wont be offended.

After his weekend hat-rick Daniel Sturridge is going to be flying into a lot of teams, especially as Liverpool play the already relegated QPR. He could be the captain pick of the week.  Who would bet against Emmanuel Adebayor scoring for the 3rd game on the trot? Has anybody noticed out of the last 9 games Everton have managed 7 clean sheets? It’s kind of slipped under the radar and although they have a tough away game at Chelsea it could be a nice gamble to put someone other than Baines in your team from the Everton back line. I also can’t remember the last time Fulham kept a clean sheet so a final away game at The Capitol One Cup Winners Swansea could be fruitful for the likes of Michu, De Guzman, Dyer and Routledge, but that’s all dependent on the team sheets.

Lets get down to the meat of this week, it looks like last years winner James Dash has again pipped his rivals to take the honour of the trip to Brazil.  I had written several paragraphs on how it would all be winding up into a great finale this week but Alan Davey committed suicide with his all out United defence. Brave but unfortunately looks like he’s handed the great prize to James.

The question you all need to be asking is how do the top players compete week in week out? Do you think they know more about football than you? Do you think James is just a lucky bugger? I’m here to tell you they don’t know more and they are not any luckier than you and me. The key is doing your background work! If you want to be up there next year you literally need to spend a few hours a week trawling the internet for the latest facts and figures. Listen to all the press conferences. Follow the right people on twitter! I personally have the pleasure of working with Alan on a day to day basis and I can not put into words the time and effort he has spent this season. Full credit to him and James.

Personally and as part of the FiT coaches and every single user I’d like to say a big thank you for the thought and effort that has gone into developing everyone’s favourite app……… I love Candy Crush! In all seriousness the app has again improved and is head and shoulders above any other fantasy football game. So please instead of your comments saying how amazing my blog has been take some time out of your day to write your own short piece thanking the FiT team for their hard work this season.

Thanks again everyone!

We will meet again next season.

Enjoy the final week!!!

Richard Easterbrook

This post was written by FiT Admin