The return of EPL!

March 28, 2013 11:29 am

Hey you guys … remember me?? First off I’d like to apologise for not being around as much as normal, I promise to try harder especially to my 5 A Side team mates who are considering benching me right now lol !!

I had a shocking FiT week last Game Week which by now probably doesn’t come as a shock anymore, I think the only goal scorer I had was Fat Frank against the mighty hammers!!

So let’s look back at where I went wrong last week…

Everton started the weekend with a 2-0 win over Manchester City which surely knocks them out of the title race now being 15 points behind local rivals. Fellaini picks up another assist but be warned he’s suspended for 2 games.

Villa are trying their best to pull out of the relegation zone with a 3-2 win against QPR, another goal from Benteke puts his total to 13 goals so far & is a steal at £7.2 million plus with Liverpool next he’s bound to notch.

Talking of Liverpool, they took a surprise stuffing against Southampton with Rickie Lambert scoring again. That was also Lambert’s 13th goal & at £8.8 again another bargain.

Stoke kept another clean sheet against WBA drawing 0-0, proving why Stoke defenders are so popular.

Swansea lost 2-0 against Arsenal, with Michu not scoring for four weeks & goals from Monreal & Gervinho I don’t think many people scored well from this one… well I didn’t.

Now Man United v Reading, we’ve been discussing in my mini league (shout out to the BSB massive) whether it’s time to ditch RVP as captain now that Rooney is becoming the far more obvious choice after his goal in this 1-0 victory, and we’ve all come up with the same answer … as soon as we sell him he’s going to hit a hat trick!! I’m keeping him so my advice would be to sell him.

It was nice to see Berbatov score against his old club, it was even nicer to see Spurs lose 1-0 but not when you have 3 of their players in your team … but still a bit nice !!

Chelsea 2-0 West Ham … we’ll skip this one … ok quick report Lampard & Hazard scored … report closed.

Now our look into next week…

I think there’s potential for some big scores this weekend, some big clubs v small clubs & also small clubs v small clubs if you were looking for a surprise captain to win MOTM??

The obvious ones would be to look at Rooney against Sunderland, Podokski against Reading or Chelsea against Southampton.

If you wanted someone different you’ve got Bale against Swansea, Lukaku against West Ham & I’m gonna stick my neck on the line & say Andy Carroll against WBA.

If you’re not chasing MOTM my advice would be Suarez.

Good luck to everybody this Game Week, and if nothing else, always remember to keep it real xx

Andy Dengate

This post was written by FiT Admin