Tip Top Tips… By Andy Dengate

February 7, 2014 10:21 am

Afternoon Ladies, what’s the craic ??

I never know how to start these things … people either go funny, but I’m not funny, some people do stats, but it never looks good on West Ham, some people give tips, but I’m rubbish at this … I’m just pretty, all I have are my good looks !!

Last Game Week

So we kicked off with bottom-at-Christmas Sunderland away to Newcastle for the derby. Sunderland continued their new found form smashing them 3-0

The Mighty Hammers sunk the swans with 2 goals from Super Kevin Nolan & 2 assists from Super Andy Carroll … it was all going swimmingly till Super Andy Carroll, the pony tailed donkey got sent off … thankfully like many of us I didn’t have the Superstar in my iTeam lol !!

Cardiff beat somebody & Everton beat somebody else …

Southampton are the FiT team that continue to amaze me, I have 2 players in my iTeam & at the start of the season I would never have considered having 3, but Fonte kept his 9th clean sheet placing him as the 5th highest scoring defender … along with Lallana, Lambert & Rodriguez, who are still scoring goals are all excellent buys with your petty cash … oh they beat Fulham 3-0.

Hull drew with Spurs 1-1 … haha to everyone who jumped on the Adebayor band wagon (;

Shock of the week came from Charlie Adam scoring twice against Man Utd !! Another goal from RVP & assist from Mata showing they are keeping their form.

A rare no goals from Suarez as WBA draw 1-1 with Liverpool, another for Sturridge wondering again why Chelsea keep letting go Premiership Goal Scorers ??

2 goals from the Ox as Arsenal beat Palace 2-0 & clinch my £800k Head 2 Head !! For some reason he had 2 palace defenders, I would say he knows something we don’t but obviously not !!

Last match was a massive 3 points for both teams, this time it was Chelsea who came out on top with Ivanovic’s goal being the only one against City.

If you’re bored now you can stop reading, but you’re going to miss Andy Dengate’s Tip Top Tips …

Next Game Week

If you plan ahead you should have a few players playing in the first match, expect lots of goals from both teams as Liverpool and Arsenal can’t defend for toffee.

Villa v West Ham, my advice would be not to sign Carroll even thou he’s amazing, but sign Nolan cause he’s amazing or Tomkins cause he’s amazing or either of the Cole’s, as they are both amazing !!

Chelsea have Newcastle which should be easy enough for the Blues … I’ll give 100 credits to the charity of Sir James Dash We’re Off To Brazil Beer Fund for every goal Eto’o scores !!

Palace v WBA … I’m tempted by Zaha, that is all.

Norwich v Man City, I’m not tempted by any Norwich defenders … I have Silva & Dzeko, hoping for 15 points there.

Soton v Stoke, hoping for Fonte, Lallana & Rodriguez to score points again.

Sunderland v Hull, you could score a few points for a small outlay here … look at Bardsley or Johnson, worth a punt.

Tottenham v Everton … should see the return of Coleman at the back. Spurs are one of those horrible FiT teams, much like Liverpool in previous seasons … they never score points every week, couldn’t predict this game.

Man Utd v Fulham, this is gonna have massive points in it… Captain Rooney, RVP or Mata, I’m telling ya !!

I’m getting married in a years time, I’m accepting all donations … my sort code is 00/11/22 & my account number is 0123456789, thank you in advance for your generosity & thanks a bunch for reading !!

Much love

Andrew Dengate

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