Tips and Advice from James Dash, FiT Coach and FiT World Champion 11/12

August 17, 2012 8:23 am

Well the season is about to start and I for one can’t wait. As managers, this is the time we should be tinkering with our iTeams and creating new ones. This year, I believe it will much trickier to win the whole thing or even get a top 100 finish, due to the fact that most of the top fantasy managers have loads of iTeams. Last year most, including myself, started with just the one. This app is so addictive that having more iTeams just increases the fun and the frustration! Pre-season is therefore a much busier time for us all. One of the hardest things to get right is working out who are the good, cheap players to get into your side – particularly the players from the promoted sides who we’ve never heard of! I’ve got 6 iTeams now and I’m not happy with any of them. If you’re new to FiT, WELCOME. Get yourself into a Mini League and enjoy.

With all the transfers going on it’s really difficult to know who’s going to play week in, week out. For instance, Rodwell is now at Man City where I can’t see him playing much, which makes it a really strange move for him. He needs to be playing every week at his young age, therefore it’s pointless to have him in your iTeam. Similarly Chelsea’s new players will sit on the bench quite a lot I’d imagine. So perhaps the best option is to pick a few top players, who we all know will play every week, and fill in the gaps with some cheaper players who play for the smaller teams, but always play. For example, the Swansea defence was pretty good last season, usually the same four played and they are not expensive. One very important thing on Saturday at about 2.30pm – check the starting line-ups of the teams and if your players are on the bench, change them! Remember you can make as many transfers as you like before the season starts, and Reading and Chelsea play twice so big points to be won.

Player to watch: Petric of Fulham, a striker who’s been scoring during pre-season.

One to avoid: Any West Ham player! They may be cheap but they don’t score fantasy points.

Captain choice: With Chelsea playing twice in the first week it has to be a Chelsea player. Torres perhaps, or even a defender, John Terry maybe?

Good Tips For New And Existing Players:

• Sounds obvious but pick players who play!

• Don’t make transfers too early, wait for the starting line-ups then bring in players who are starting.

• Always use the Emergency Transfer. This way you should always have 14 players scoring points.

• Play Head-to-Heads to try and increase your iTeam’s value.

• Look ahead to the following week’s fixtures to see which teams have easy games and then bring in players who will start in those games.

• Go with your gut feeling!

• Don’t take huge risks. Over the whole season it’s better to stick with the regular point scorers rather than constantly taking punts on players.

• Player values drop when a player gets injured or sent off, so get rid fast, but replace him with a guaranteed starter.

• Read the rules section. Now read it again.

• Never, ever, under any circumstances have Joey Barton in your iTeam!

Finally, get on the Forum, enjoy the banter, put your views across and enjoy the season! Right, I’m off to tinker with my sides.

Yours in Football,


Fantasy iTeam Coach

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